Just what do we actually  know about the levels of Carbon Dioxide?

Carbon Dioxide gets a bad rap these days. Its called pollution, and causes global warming and extreme weather conditions. I’d like to put some perspective on the level of concentrations of CO2. CO2 is actually two Oxygen atoms and One Carbon atom. Our world is filled with living things that are made from Carbon and utilise Oxygen to exist.

 Examples of Carbon Dioxide levels

  1. 700 ppm – The concentration in an average living room
  2. 900 ppm – The average concentration in the average kitchen
  3. 1,270 ppm – The concentration used to double the growth of a Cowpea (see famous Youtube video)
  4. 1,700 ppm – The average concentration in the Cretacious period. 145 to 65 mya
  5. 4,500 ppm – The average concentration in the Sirilian period. 444 to 416 mya
  6. 5,000 ppm – The international safety limit
  7. 10,000 ppm – Sensitive people start to feel weaker
  8. 40,000 ppm – the concentration of C02 in the air we breath out.
  9. 392 ppm – The concentration of C02 in the atmosphere as measured at Mauna Loa in Hawaii.

There is no correlation between CO2 levels and the earth’s temperature.  There is some correlation with temperature in the ice core record, however it is over much longer periods, and, CO2 quite clearly rises roughly 800 years after the temperature changes.

So when someone starts to talk about C02 as being pollution, call them out. They are lying.  When someone talks about  CO2 causing global warming, they are lying or they are just “parroting” the lie. Call them out.

Carbon Dioxide is made from, Carbon, the building block of life on earth, and Oxygen, one the most essential elements to life on earth.  What would make anyone ever consider it to be a pollutant, and in such scarce quantities in the atmosphere that it would cause anything at all, let alone change the entire world climate???