There is so much information on the interweb about Climate Change these days. So much that it is at times hard to know who to believe. I take the view that if a theory can be disproved or disputed with one or more pieces of observable evidence then the theory can not be true. The theory then needs to altered to reflect the observable facts.

I am naturally sceptical, and so therefore have read up on the claims by many pro AGW proponents. It seems to me that almost without exception that all of their claims have been shown to be incorrect by way of observable evidence.

When one thinks about this logically for example, the hypothesis that a gas that is only 0.04% of the atmosphere, can be the major influence on the earth’s climate is just absurd. But more so, in the recent records and the historical records it has been shown to be not true.  Have a good look at this list of FACTS.  The evidence is quite overwhelming in favour of C02 not being the major influence on the climate, yet so many people, scientist’s politician’s, and business people still advocate that AGW is true.  I wonder why that would be? That is a whole other issue.

The image above is just another illustration of holes in the AGW theory.  For the theory to work, C02 has to be well mixed in the atmosphere. Well, it appears to be not mixed well at all.   I love the fact than C02 is actually heavier than the rest of the atmosphere. So C02 will settle mostly very near the ground. This also creates a problem for the AGW theory, as C02 needs to well mixed and actually dispersed in the atmosphere to act like a “greenhouse” and warm the planet.

The irony of all this is the fact that those whom “believe” in AGW call those who dont, “deniers”.  Sceptics only look at the evidence and decide whether there is sufficient evidence for a theory to be true, while “believers” in AGW DENY everything that does not support the AGW theory.

We really do live in an upside down world!