The Heysen Trail stretches 1200 km from Cape Jervis to Parachilna Gorge in the Flinders Ranges.  The history of the trail goes back to the 1940’s, but was primarily developed by Terry Lavender OAM in the 70’s.

This first walk is about 15 km and looked not too difficult, however just to be sure we did a bit of training before we tackled this first walk.  Oh yes, my partner in crime on the walks is Grant.         You will often see the back of his head in my photo’s.

Now the reason the photos are in black and white is because we started this walk in 1938.  No, only joking.  My camera which I share with my son has a about a billion settings on it and due to my incredible knowledge on this piece of photographic technology, missed the setting that said “colour”.  Once taken in black and white there is no changing back to colour. I promise my photographic skills will improve in the near future.  The way we do these walks is to travel in convoy with two cars, parking one at the end of the walk and then drive to the walk start point. This way we only do the walk one way.

When doing a 15km walk though sometimes difficult terrain, doing it once in a day is enough for my less than young bones.

Looking towards “Lands End”

We head off towards the tip of the Cape following the coast over gentle rolling grassy hills and traversing rocky outcrops and coastal bushland.   The view from Lands End takes in kangaroo Island, which will be continually visible for the next three walks.

Kangaroo Island off to the right

There are a few shacks along this part of the coast. The one below is definantly low budget, but a great view never the less.

An old fashion shack. Great view but. There was also one in the shape of a flying saucer!

Not a lot of wild life initially although we did come across some "dead" wildlife. No, no he is just "resting", really! Not quite the wildlife I was expecting

Blowhole beach was a very welcome sight. We were just 4 k from the end of our journey.

House or Flying Saucer??

Blowhole Beach. A true Australian treasure.

Blowhole beach was a very welcome sight. We were just 4 k from the end of our journey. Albeit all up hill from the sea to 200 metres height.

Say hello to "Flora" of the Australian kind.

Oh yes. this is my mate Grant. He only looks old because the picture is in B+W, really.

The end of our first journey. Hooray, we made it!

Feeling pretty exhausted after the climb right at the end.  Hopefully the subsequent walks dont all end this way. Anyway the scenery has been unbelievably fantastic. Sights I have never seen before. Truly amazing our coastal views.

Stay tuned for our next walk.