This walk takes us through the wonderful Deep Creek Conservation Park. Filled with native vegetation, waterfalls, and wildlife. Great spot for camping and bush walking .  There are some easy trails, but not the one we are going to walk.



One of the most important things to do before walking!




Grant preparing for the walk. three layers of clothing, camelbak, first aid kit and some food.  This would be a pretty tough walk through at times dense scrub and forest. Some steep rocky tracks slowed us down a bit, but the bush scenes were just awesome, including the Deep Creek waterfall.


Some uniquely Australian Flora





See the thin line through the trees on the opposite hill? That is the track we are about to walk.






Lillies everywhere here






I love this. This track would be impossible to ride a bike on.






Certainly no drought here in Deep Creek.






Well, we are in Australia, so what else would you expect to see but Kangaroos.






And the elusive Echidna. This one is trying to hide.







After 12 kms we were very happy to see this sign. Sore and tired legs we had.






This is where we are going next time. All the way to the end of the beach in the distance and then some.









Deep Creek is a wonderful place to see fury and spiky animals as well as heaps of bird life. The feathered ones are just too fast for me to get a decent shot.  The scenery is just superb and is a joy to be in. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Next walk we are back onto the beach.