There are two things that weigh on my mind when scientists and politicians talk about the causes of global warming and cooling (on both sides of the fence).

Firstly, the quote from many scientists that “correlation is not causation”.  When ever someone sees a correlation with global temperatures, they immediately assign the blame on the suspect correlated source.  This was so famously reported by Al Gore and friends reporting the “cause” of global warming from the correlated C02 data from the ice cores. Well, as we all know it was soon pointed out that the C02 actually rose after the temperature did. So much for that correlation. But what about other correlations. Eg sunspots. There is reasonable correlation with solar activity and global temperature, although not quite perfect.

Second is the thing that most anti AGW proponents support that it is actually the sun in one way or another that drives the changing climate.  But what if, just like the other correlated evidence, that it is just that, another correlation and not the cause.

What if the real cause is something that causes all of these things. Ie Galactic source of energy that when rising or falling effects the sun’s energy output, but also warms/cools our oceans, the atmosphere, and perhaps even the planets core.  How well do we understand the gravitational forces and their effects on our planet’s energy levels. What of cosmic rays and their effect on everything, and are we yet aware of all of the energy waves that bombard our solar system and planet?

We are part of this great Universe and as such are connected to any changes that occur.

So here is my hypothesis:

Cosmic waves, of wave length(s) possiblysmaller than we have yet been able to detect are ever present filling the Universe. These waves are however probably not homogeneous throughout the universe, but are part of larger wave structures and are generated from various sources at various times. Eg exploding stars and other cataclysmic cosmic events.  So as the energy levels in our part of the Galaxy rise and fall, then so does the suns activity rise and fall and so does the temperatures on Earth and the other planets.  Sound plausible?  Add into this the varying magnetic fields of the earth and our solar system which in them selves could be the actual mechanism by which the cosmic rays can have an effect, and you have perfectly reasonable, measurable, and therefore provable theory.

I fail to see why the entire human race (numbering 7 billion) which could all fit on the Island of Fiji could have anything but a miniscule effect on such a huge entity as the planet. Even the earth’s atmosphere (which we have purportedly been increasing the temperature via C02 production) which is  4 billion cubic kilometers plus, dwarfs any of us and any of our pathetic amount of emissions into it.

I just wish the scientific community would just stick to real issues and real problems, not politically, self serving imaginary ones like Global Warming.