Wow. We headed through the last 3kms of Deep Creek National Park

Tunkallia Beach. It's a long way to the end

which took us down to Tunkallila beach. A beautiful remote beach 4.5 kms long and totally unknown to me before this day.  Too bad it has some bad rips and has the odd shark visiting for lunch!  Oh, yes, the sand is also pretty soft, so walking it, although pleasant was a bit taxing.  Grant was keen to show off his new camera. A Canon 500D, which sounded familiar. Oh yes that’s right it is the same as mine!  Although Grant has a much bigger lens! I wonder if he is compensating????

Grant and his new toy!

We had a break at the end of the beach, predominantly because the slope of the hill was, how can I say, almost vertical!  We were literally placing our hands on the ground at times to pull ourselves up.

After this exhausting climb, while taking a break, a terrible though came to me.  My car keys!  Uh oh. I had left my car keys in Grant’s car, 8kms back!!!!  Oh dear.  What to do.  Walk back? or walk on hoping we can get phone reception for an emergency call.  We walked on, it being a shorter distance than going back.

The path into the beyond!

Saw lots of wildlife again this trip. Kangaroo’s as usual, or Karoo’s as I am now calling them. I must be getting really lazy or just too tired to enunciate the word correctly.

Yep, we meet a "fun-gi" on our travels

Stumpy’s, and dolphins as well we saw on our travels. I’ve been told this pod of dolphins are resident in these waters.  We have also met some very interested bulls. The cows and bulls always seem to be curious about us. I don’t think it is about my red jacket, but you just never know.Fantastic coastal scenery again. We can still see Kangaroo Island , and some of the rugged cliff-scapes are just awesome.  Very interesting geology on the way, both weather worn rocks and also sedimentary spots carved up by wind and water.  I have to say this was a very good walk inspite of the obvious indiscretion with the keys.  Oh yes and the mountain climbing effort up that awfully steep hill.

More "Karoos"

When we had almost arrived at our destination we tried calling.

Phone Reception was cutting in and out, but eventually we managed to get the Victor Harbor taxi service, and they were willing to come and get us.  Fortunately the driver was a Heysen trekker himself, and knew exactly where we were, otherwise we may have been in a bit of strife.

This Stumpy gets around. I see him everywhere!

Anyway, it was a good walk inspite of the $50 cab fare and the continuing ribbing from Grant and my wife!  I have since found that this is a regular occurrence amongst  Heysen trekkers. At least once anyway.

Boat Harbor Beach







This was nothing compared to what was to come.





I was hoping for a "funniest home video" shot here, but he kept his feet. Damn!






I'm sure a geologist would be interested.

All good Turns????

Does not look promising.

This is what we have to walk up!!!!

View from the top.

Hmmmm. Not sure what he is thinking. I am glad we are on the other side of the fence.

This is where we ended up with no keys to my car.