Last trip, this was the road to nowhere. This time we were on the road to success.

Another boring walk along some incredible coastline. Rocky cliffs, beautiful white sandy beaches, perfect surf, and plenty of animals. Some still breathing, others not.

Curious cows? Or bully Brahma's?

Perfect wave. Damn! Where's my surfboard?

Made absolutely sure I had my keys with me this time. Even noting to Grant and showing him the keys.  No mistakes this time.  This walk continues along plenty of open pasture and along coastal paths and beaches. As soon as we left the road we encountered some rather curious cows. Brahma’s to be exact, who followed us for about a kilometre on the other side of the fence where they eventually ended up through an open gate in our direct path.

Mean looking isn't he?

They just stood there staring at us. Now Brahma’s do come with some reputation, both as gentle beasts, but also some with a rather more assertive attitude.  The one in particular we were concerned about was the one with the very large horns.

Our fears were to be unfounded, although I did not like the way the horned one was looking at me, and I swear I was not wearing the red jacket this time!  I did manage a pretty good photo getting within 3 metres of his pointy horns.

All this walk was pretty easy being mostly down hill with only minor up slopes, as well as a couple of beach walks. Parsons and Waitpinga.

Saw plenty of Stumpy’s again this trip as well as dead lamb and a sheep’s skull perfectly placed in amongst the daisies.

Pushing up daisies.

Again, plenty of interesting geology along the cliffs and the beach.

No drought here with all the creeks flowing.

Grant getting up close and personal with the wildlife.

Actually saw a Fur Seal this time playing in the surf. He was a quite a way out but clearly visible. Note to self: Need bigger telephoto lens.

Not exactly sure what these are. I though they were Turns. Anybody know?

A big trek next time 22 kms no less!


South Australian Fur Seal

Well carved rocks.