Waitpinga Beach. This is where we came from on the last walk.

Finally, the last of the coastal walks, and they saved some of the best scenery till last.  Awesome cliffscapes.

Reminds me of some of the scenes in the Jurassic Park movie. I am sure they could have used this part of the coast easily in some of the shots. Very majestic and ruggard.

Today was a bit misty with light rain, but was ok. It is usually better to be a bit cooler than warmer. When walking these trails, you heat up pretty quickly when the sun is out, inspite of what the air temperature is.

Great scenery. Pity about the foreground though.

A fresh cool breeze is always welcome on the trail.  We headed in land up a dirt track, probably a fire track in the Newland Head Conservation Park. It was up hill but was pretty easy going slope wise and the fact that the path was well graded.

Once at the top of the hill we headed back toward the coast.  A slight back track was encountered when someone missed a signpost!  Hmmm wonder who that could have been. Yep, ok, I admit it.  It was me, and Grant made sure he reminded me of the rules of the “trek’.

Stunning views

Ie. He who is in front must look out for the sign posts.  So Grant took the lead now because he is so much more reliable apparently. We shall test this theory a bit later. Many more walks to come.

Truly "Jurassic" scenery

Perhaps I was a little off my game today as I had neglected to bring my camera this time, so if you notice that Grant is not in any photos this time and there is another ugly bugger popping his head up, (that would be me!), then that is because Grant took all of these photo,s.

Thanks Grant for taking plenty and avoiding me as much as is humanly possible.

So, back to the “correct” path. We came out at the cliff’s edge and what a fantastic sight!  Huge steep roughly carved black cliffs rose above the Blue ocean below. Simply magnificent. This was 120+ metres above sea level and just about straight up from the sea.

Looking back from where had just walked.

Not a lot of wildlife this time however. Just the odd bird hovering above the cliffs.

The walk from here in was pretty cool walking along the cliff very slowly descending towards King Head with West Island just off the coast.

West Island

Once we had rounded King Head and traversed the very small beach there, it was straight up again and the slope just seemed to get steeper and steeper.

I think it was more to do with the fact that we had just walked about 12 kms and now had 4 more mostly up hill. Grant went back to his swearing and I must admit it was hurting us a bit.

The last couple of kms were through what I am sure used to be a well worn track, however a machete would have not gone astray in combating the bush on this path.

A not so stunning view!

We emerged from the scrub right on top of where my car was parked on the corner of Waitpinga and Range rds.

Most of the walks entail us to drive two cars to the end point of the walk and leave one there (my car), and then drive to the beginning of the walk and leave the second car there.  Most of the walks end up being a much shorter distance “walking” than the drive.  Ie. the driving distance can be twice the distance of the actual walk.

In todays walk however, the distance was about the same, so we did not loose too much time driving.

Our trekking times do not seem to change much, although the more hills we climb the slower we become. Mostly we do about 4 to5kms per hour, so a 12km walk takes about 4.5 hours depending on rest breaks.

Our next journey takes us on our biggest walk yet 22kms to Inman Valley.