We finally say goodbye to the sea and all the coastal views. Last walk was an effort over the last few kms, so we made sure we came prepared this time having done a little more preparation training over the previous two weeks to ensure our bodies were up to the task.

This next group of walks, “Sea to forest”, takes us from victor Harbor to Kuipto Forest.  Plenty of private pastoral properties, back roads and a bit of bush/forest areas.

Our first walk on this section is a nice leisurely 22kms stroll along dirt roads, through pasture, bushland, and along pine forests.

We started down a back rd and the going was pretty easy.

On the road again.

This walk did not have too many hills and the hills were not too taxing.  We again met some very interested cows. I am starting to get a complex you know.

Creepy cows                                                   

These cows we had passed about a km back, but appeared out of nowhere!  They must have followed us, but we just did not notice.

Very creepy. Made me think about those weird scenes in movies where people or things just appear.  You know those movies when there is usually just one survivor.  We pressed on looking over our shoulders occasionally.

It was about this time that I felt a little pain in my foot.  Felt like my boot was rubbing, but surely could’nt be. These boots are well worn in.

Good for it's age, but not very habitable now.

A little further on we stopped for a short break and I checked the damage to my foot.

An Egret in flight. Cool.

Sure enough I had the beginnings of a blister, and we were only about 5 kms into the walk.  Ouch!

No turning back now though.

We did some rudimentary first aid, and grant was impressed because he got to use his emergency kit for the first time. He is such a boy scout. Always comes prepared.

We continued on back valley rd which was fenced off.  Probably due to its location in the bottom of the valley which was prone to local flooding. Yes we were now walking through a bit of water and mud. That was cool though, because the adjacent wetlands had plenty of birdlife.

What else would you have as a letterbox living here?

Rainwater tank, shed. Just cannot make up my mind!

The properties in this area varied from very old to brand spankin new.

Beautiful area to build and live if you hate traffic, the city, lots of people, and love fresh air, great scenery and animals.    Hmmm, sounds pretty good actually.

 A little bit of  wildlife around, but mostly cows and horses.

Oh yes the people around here are definately into cows as you can see by their letter boxes.

There were some other odd things out in this country side too, like the rainwater shed.  Interesting. Wonder what shape the shelves are?

Bald Hills Congregational Church

The other odd/interesting things we stumbled upon were an old church ruin and further on some sort of demonic ritual remains! (my interpretation anyway).

The Church ruin we found, is the original Bald Hills Congregational church used by the first settlers in the area including  one of the first settlers John Hancock.  He and his wife Gemima were the only grave stones still visible in the very small cemetery next the church.  The road that we were walking on was Hancock rd, which runs along a ridge adjacent Inman Valley.

After we left Hancock road and started the descent into Inman Valley, we walked by the Second Valley Reserve forest, we saw a skun goat hanging in a tree.  What sort of event must have taken place for this to happen I wonder. Are there devil worshippers in Inman Valley maybe? Probably a far more benign explanation I am sure (and hope).

Just horse'n around

Demonic ritual?

Very friendly horses we met up with. They all came up to say hello, and to take some grass from us.  As usual there was one black sheep (horse) in the family.

After our descent into the valley the trail had some minor rises but was pretty easy going except for the fact we were now nearly 20kms in.  The last few always seem the hardest irrespective of the terrain and the slope.

Why the hell are they interested in us?

We came out onto Inman Valley road at the Victor Harbor end of the town and had

Cows on holiday?

just a couple of kms to go to reach James road where we left the car.   No track here or foot path to speak of, so we had to share the road with traffic. Lucky it is not a busy road.

Still more  interested cows along the way.

It looked like some were visiting their holiday house in the country.

Reflecting on our journey.

As usual my car was a welcome sight at the end.  If nothing else, these walks make you appreciate how lucky we are to have nice vehicles!

Ciao for now JTF