The hot weather usually brings among other things, the koala’s, and yesterday we had a big fat Koala sitting in our front yard tree.   Our yard seems to have all manner of wildlife from time to time.  Kookaburra’s usually wake us up in the morning (damn things) at about 4 or 5 am.  Lizards abound from gecko’s to Skinks and Legless lizards, to Blue Tongues and Stumpy’s. Possums and hopping mice are also plentiful. The mice apparently love to be brought in to the house to play with Pancakes. I am now a pretty good mouse catcher thanks to Pancakes.

Two days ago however Pancakes (our cat) was whining in a very distressed manner. The lower pitched sound is only heard when there is something wrong ( I may be the cat whisperer), and she was refusing to use her cat door.   Having searched the house and surrounding area around the house I settled back to having breakfast.  Sometime later, Pancakes bolted outside and Meri (my wife) peered out the window to see a young Eastern Brown snake (second most venomous in the world) slithering up our back yard stairs with Pancakes in hot pursuit.  Pancakes has played with Brown snakes before and come up second best. The $600 vet bill is testament to loss in that fight.  Anyway, we managed to distract Pancakes long enough to allow the snake to escape.  I did follow up, attempting to find the snake to ensure it was not going to be a problem and of course even though I had spade in hand, I was not about to chop off it’s head because that would be illegal (protected species).  So, that question became mute as the (almost) metre long Brown snake found an escape route through a hole in the fence (neighbour’s problem now).

Here is our most recent visitor.