Three million is the number of dollars currently spent from Australia’s Clean Energy Fund on “community awareness”.  Since 2009 the federal government has been handing out grants to various organisations and individuals to support research into various climate change initiatives, carbon abatement programs and international collaboration.  However from June 2011 there appeared to be a shift in where the money is going.  Prior to June 2011 there were no grants for “raising awareness” of climate change and reducing “carbon pollution” from the Clean Energy Fund.   Since then there has been 15 separate grants totalling three million dollars for community awareness .

Apparently we now need to be “educated” on climate change, and in a big way it would appear.

Organisation Grant Amount Date granted
Charles Darwin University  $ 300,000.00 30/03/2012
Dirtgirlworld Production  $ 150,000.00 3/02/2012
Auburn Community Network  $  72,121.00 30/01/2012
Nature Conservation Council of NSW  $ 211,000.00 27/12/2011
Conservation Council of WA  $ 319,420.00 23/01/2012
Greening Australia SA  $ 291,200.00 10/01/2012
Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Ltd  $ 123,180.00 22/1211
Planning Institute of Australia Ltd  $ 123,000.00 22/12/2011
Riverina and Murray Regional Organisation of Councils  $   90,924.00 22/12/2011
Environment Victoria Inc  $  213,125.00 20/12/2011
RPH Australia Cooperative Ltd  $  206,100.00 20/12/2011
Australian Council of Trade Unions  $    93,000.00 19/12/2011
Green Cross Australia  $  200,000.00 19/12/2011
Australian Conservation Foundation  $  398,421.75 21/06/2011
Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)  $  271,560.00 30/06/2011

Here is a sample of what the money is for.

“To raise awareness of activity that is reducing carbon pollution and helping to build a clean energy future via complementary communication channels, including public events, online engagement and a Community Climate Challenge behavioural change program in the Illawarra.”

The list is getting longer, but the one I like is the grant going to “Dirtgirlworld Productions”.  Yep, sounds just like the type of community based environmentally aware organisation I would like to be associated with! (Ps. Unfortunately it is not what you are probably thinking).

What on earth is going on when not only is the fund giving out money to a problem which according to the last fifteen years, is not really a problem, but they are now throwing money away to tell us how to fix that problem  that on present evidence does not really exist? Your hard earned tax dollars at work.

Hmmm.  Maybe you too could start up a company spreading the good news about how we can save the planet.  Jump aboard the gravy train!