This is the shedded skin of a monster bug roaming somewhere in my garden.

Monster grub skin

This discarded skin as large as it is, will be smaller than the grub that has emerged!

How big will this grub actually grow? Is it a vegetarian?

Should I be worried that it will grow to such a size that it will start devouring my pets and then my children?  What on earth are we dealing with here?

Some may say that, “oh it is just a witchery grub”, but according to Wikipedia witchery grubs only live in central Australia, and Wikipedia is a reliable and trusted source (I am told).  My very perceptive wife told me (after freaking out over the “disgusting” appearance of the skin), that it is just a cocoon. A moth or butterfly would have emerged and flown away!!

My very lovely wife is always right (especially when she is wrong), and who am I to ever “tell” my wife that she, may be a little shy of the truth?

Anyway, after much searching on the WWW (wicked world wide web), I found that the most likely creature that this would have been. It is in fact, a type of moth Lavae!  What do you know, maybe my wife was right after all (never really doubted her).

The best match I could find is the Cossid moth (Endoxyla leucomochla), which lives the majority of it’s life as a Witchetty Grub under ground feeding off the roots of mainly Acacia plants.


So it looks like we wont have a monster bug roaming my yard after all, just a “monster moth”  instead.   Wow 16 cm wing span.  Just awsome!

This must be the moths that our (would’nt hurt a fly) cat, Pancakes brings in at times to play with.