I am fortunate to have been selected to join a team to help some of our fellow Australians who have limited access to health services.  One Vision is a program designed to support Australians mostly in remote locations with vision screening, eye testing (from Optometrists) and the supply of spectacles. 

OneSight is a global organisation of which Australians are a part of, supporting eye care and the supply of spectacles to those who have limited access to these services which we take for granted.  The most common form of vision impairment in the world today, is simply a lack of vision correction. Ie “spectacles”. Such a simple thing that many do not have access to.

OneSight needs millions of pairs of spectacles donated each year to support the demand globally. Since 1991 OneSight has helped 3.5 million people with their vision needs.

I am proud to be able to help some of the communities in outback Queensland.  To find out more, see OneSight.