This time all set for our Heysen walk.

Looking towards Mount Magnificent

This walk, Sunday 10th June will take us from (4kms out of ) Mount Magnificent to  Kuipto Forest.  A 17 km walk will include walking up Mount Magnificent to take in the “magnificent” views. This may be a little taxing, but the rest of the walk looks to be mostly gentle slopes with only one other steepish rise.

Walk time is envisaged to be about 5 hours (including breaks).

Stones Ford Rd start point. Click to enlarge

The weather will be mostly fine and sunny with only a minute chance of a shower.  A cool morning of only 4 degrees will rocket up to an only slightly warmer top of 11 degrees.

We will head off from Stones Ford rd at where the Heysen trail leaves the road. Leave time will be about 9:15am.  Our finish point is Michaelmore rd at the edge of the pine trees. About 700 mtrs from Brookman rd.

Finish walk here. Click to enlarge.

Good walking boots, water and food are essential for the 5 hour trek.  If interested in joining us leave a message to confirm details.