Air temperature of 6°. Radiative temperature of about 22°(in the sun). No wind. No Rain. Perfect day for walking the trail!

We set off at 9:30 in the morning from Stones Ford rd not far from Mount Compass, heading down a gentle decline flanked by (once again) a bunch of “curious cows”. They moo’d, they trotted. At one point they got a gallop up trying to keep up with us. We must have been setting a pretty quick pace. After many walks with just the two of us, our group of two has finally increased. Doubled in fact. Numbering four now, we set off towards Mount Magnificent with the cows in tow.

Perfect day

As stated in previous posts, the trail and signage can be a bit deceiving at times.   We heading over a fence off to the left where there was a Heysen trail sign and came across a beautiful little camp site. Complete with flowing river and old homestead ruin. A couple of dad’s with kids were cooking breakfast on an open fire. We exchanged pleasantries and they wished us well on our walk.  Luckily one of them called after us, to check we were actually on the right path,and yes, we were on the wrong track. This was a Heysen camp site and not the trail. Great spot though if anyone is thinking about camping in that area.

Ruin at the Heysen campsite

Once back on the “real” trail we soon began the (at first) gentle climb upto Mount Magnificent. Every thing is green still. There has been regular winter rains in the last couple of weeks.

Mount Magnificent is a 1km return detour off the track, but well worth the climb. Can I say that the view was ” magnificent”???? Well it was pretty damn good. 360° views on a clear day was great, and this was just the spot to enjoy a mid morning snack. Love those Mars bars!  We could see Goolwa looking south and Mount Lofty looking north.

View from top of Mount Magnificent

The trail wound it’s way though light scrub and open woodland with the occasional road and open field walk.  While walking on top of a grassy ridge the wind picked up with a a chill factor of about 3°.  There a few ups and downs over the next few kms. A little taxing, but overall not too bad. We eventually came out of the scrub onto a dirt road in the Kuipto forrest. The walk was easy going now just a km or two to where we had parked the car.

Not much wild life this trip. Probably due to the widespread rain.  We did see a


couple of Kangaroos and a (most likely) Black Shouldered Kite perched on the power lines looking for lunch, but that was about it. There were however plenty of mushrooms. Even some that were edible! Death caps anyone??

Black Shouldered Kite

We had to cut this walk a bit shorter due to part of the forest we wanted to walk was closed for logging.  We were wondering also whether we would have access at all because the previous day a dead body had been found somewhere in the Kuipto forest.

Massive mushrooms. Wish I had steak to go with it!

In short:

Stones Ford rd to Brookman Conner rd Kuipto Forest

13 kms (including Mount Magnificent side track)

Terrain has some steeper sections although short in distance and usually followed by flatter or downhill tracks. Mount Magnificent side track is the only real taxing part, but worth the detour.

Looking up at Mount Magnificent

Eagle nesting box?

3kms per hour including breaks. (nice and easy pace). 3.5kms per hour walking speed.

Magic mushrooms? Could be Gymnopilus Purpuratus, which apparently does have hallucinogenic properties

Yep. More curious cows.

Off we go. A bit chilly but just beautiful