It is Sunday today, and as is the norm for many Aussies on a Sunday,

My first “Heysen Cow”

we tune into “Macka on a Sunday morning“.    They were just talking about “Cow Appreciation Day”. Not something that is terribly big in Australia, (never heard of it before), although it appears (like many things) it is a bigger deal in the US.   Although they do it only as Americans do (see link).

I thought I would pay my respects to the hard working cows around the country. Well that is if you call eating, walking, pooing, and more eating is hard work.  So, while you are enjoying your breakfast cereal, or your latte, or even that omelette or toast, just remember all those things are possible because of the humble cow.

My fascination about cows started after a few of our Heysen trail walks, when every time they would be ennately curious, following us many times as far as the paddocks would allow.   Well today is cow appreciation day. Who would have guessed we would have a day to “appreciate” the cow. In India they appreciate the cow every day as many people around the world would do also.

Here is my compilation of “cows on the Heysen”.

Brahma’s. Hope they’re friendly?

Who is checking out who?

This lot followed us for about a kilometre or so.

Yep, some people are crazy about cows!

Cows on holiday?

More curious cows

Mean lookin, huh?

And more cows.

Bobby calf.

Collingwood supporters?

Magnificent cows at Mount Magnificent.

Grey Cow?

If you have ever wondered why cows are so curious, see “Curious Cows” for more info and a bit of fun.