For most of my life I have lived in Adelaide (50 years), 40 of those with

High Quality temperature record for Adelaide

pretty good memories of the weather.   The temperatures in summer, winter autumn and spring (with some yearly variation) feel pretty much the same as always.  If anything the summers feel cooler these days, although I think that may be more about lack of air conditioning in the seventies etc.

The official temperature record for Adelaide clearly shows quite a warming trend over the last 100 years.

This “high quality” temperature record is not quite what it seems though.  The data has actually been combined from different locations in Adelaide and probably had minor manual adjustments as well.   That in itself is not unusual, however, when looking at the all of the original temperature records in Adelaide, it becomes clear that this is not representable of what actually occurred over the last 100 years.

The raw data from BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) which KensKingdom has analysed shows quite a different picture. The following graph shows records from the varying temperature stations around Adelaide over the last 100 years.

Raw temperature data from Adelaide temperature stations

The longest record is the West Terrace site which is now no longer there (moved to Kent Town in 1977), and this record clearly shows a cooling trend in Adelaide since 1910, but the Bom came up with a composite record which shows a massive warming????????

Now we do not know exactly how the BOM calculated this result from the raw data, but the closest Ken can get is by combining the records from West Tce, Kent Town and Northfield, although even then the West Tce record has to be cooled a bit in the first half of the century to get a close match.

Adelaide HQ record and Ken’s closest match.

Red line is BOM data. Green line is ken’s splice.

So is it warming in Adelaide?  Certainly not noticeably, and not even close to what the BOM says it is.  This type of data adjustment is quite prevalent throughout the BOM records.  See KensKingdom for all the info.

Just another piece in the puzzle that leads towards debunking the whole AGW theory.


Update 27th Jan 2013 : See Adelaide’s-HQ-temperature-record for the latest analysis.