Hallet South Australia

Now I know that one weather event does not make a changed climate, however I do wonder how to explain an event that by all probabilities should not be occurring at all in a place like Adelaide.

On the 11th of October 2012 it snowed in the hills of Adelaide.  Now it does occasionally snow in the Adelaide hills, but it is a relatively rare event and almost never in October. In fact the last time it snowed in Adelaide in October was 1910!  Yep over 100 years ago!

Now I would have thought these types of events would be decreasing, not increasing in frequency in a “catastrophically” warming world, well here we have it, snow in October.

This is the second time this year it has snowed in Adelaide and as mentioned more than a hundred years since it has happened in October.  See here for the ABC report.

Further north in Hallet, it snowed much more and turned the countryside into a winter wonderland.

Interestingly, such low October temperatures in Adelaide have only happened three times since 1977 and all of those October low temperatures were in this century.  2003, 2005 and this year.

Must be more Global Warming I guess.