This walk takes us along Gum tree lined roads, through grazing lands, forests, and through the Warren Conservation Park.

A very pleasant walk amongst rolling hills, cows, sheep and discarded old rusty farm equipment.  Oh yes, and the pine forests again.  If I never see another pine forest I will be perfectly happy.

Warren Conservation Park was pretty cool.  The path was pretty narrow but at times it looked like it was wet, when in fact it was just quartzite or something mixed through the dirt.  It made it all sparkly like it was diamond paved.

After chatting to a couple from Balaklava on the track, which I have to say is a rare occurence, we headed up the hill to a spot where we decided to have lunch.  This was on the hill half a km before the “look out tower”.

Ruth’s Muffin. Yum!

Great views while we chomped on our gourmet rolls.

Grant’s better half had been baking too this week, so we were spoilt with home made muffins. Yummmmmm.

Now, this is ART!

Saw a rock with a hole in it. WTF.  How does this sort of thing happen?

Looks pretty cool though, like someone had intentionally sculpted it.  It would look fantastic sitting in my front yard I reckon.

In Short :

Hill rd to Mount Crawford

Distance  : 14 kms but we walked 16 kms (had a slight detour)

Time        :  5 hours

Walking speed :  4kms per hour. Pretty close to 5 kms ph without breaks.

Terrain   : Rolling hills, roads and narrow walking track.

Best Bit             :  Lunch on the hill with great views.

The rest in pics.

Hill Rd north of Chain of Ponds

Views from Warren Conservation Park

Oh no, another pine forest.

Hmmm. Strange, but somehow attractive. Any suggestions as to what it is?

Lunch time view

I think we are ….. here!