The Heysen trail is a 1200 kilometre walking track winding it’s way though South Australia’s bushland and rural areas, from Cape Jervis way down south to Parachilna Gorge in the Flinders Ranges.  It takes in some stunning coastal, hills and mountain views as well as the opportunity to see our wonderful native plants and animals.  The trail is well supported by Friends of the Heysen, as well as those who help to maintain the track and the property owners who allow us to traverse their land.

To date we have walked 279 kilometres. That’s about   37,200 steps, over rocks, soft sand, hard dirt, through long grass and shrubs, mud and at times water, and, up and down hills and mountains of various sizes and slopes.  No wonder my boots are worn out, and I am now in the market for new hiking boots.  The last two walks I have lost traction on slippery slopes a couple of times.  Then there was the two times Grant nearly stepped on some very grumpy stumpy’s. I have never seen him move so fast!

We have been lost a few times, both getting there and sometimes on the trail.  Seems we are a little casual at times with our preparation and navigation skills, however we are getting better and learning new tricks almost every walk (unfortunately mostly from experience).  Oh, and there was that one time that I had left my car keys in Grants car. That was not good.  Very expensive taxi ride from the middle of nowhere.  Also had to climb the nearest hill to get one bar mobile reception.

Grant gets a bit ticked off every time we go astray.  Me, I am a bit more philosophical.   It’s a bit like life really.  Sometimes you take a wrong turn and it can take you to a dead end, while other times it can take you somewhere wonderful!

Mostly though, our walks go to plan within a margin of error, and the views and experiences are always spectacular (except for the boring pine forests).

This year we have walked 175 kilometres from Myponga to Mount Crawford.  We walk anything from 12  to 26 kilometres at a time and we are far from super fit.  Grant struggles going down hills, while I struggle going up the big hills. What a pair we make!  It is amazing that we do the walks in the times that we do given our opposing handicaps.  This year we picked up a few friends for some of our walks.  “Me Bro”, Mal, his Misses and their niece and her partner.  It was nice to have a few other faces on the trail instead of just Grant’s ugly mug (luv ya really Grant).  Anyone else is welcome to join us for next year.

The next “chapter” takes us out of the Adelaide hills and into the Barossa Valley, which is pretty flat with not too many hills, like what we have seen through the Mount Lofty Ranges.   We should make quick work of the Barossa, however it has been suggested that the wineries may just slow us down a little (hic).

Just a few visual highlights:

Awesome cliffs just before Victor Harbor

Deep Creek

Turns Parsons Beach

Curious cows

Looking back towards Inman Valley

Shingle Backs. Not too happy either!

On the road to Mount Magnificent

Magic Mushies?

Kuipto Forest

Where’s my Dinner!

“Hangin” with Sir Thomas Playford at Norton Summit

Montachute Conservation Park

Cuddle Creek Nature Reserve

Granpa’s Camp

Warren Conservation Park