Lets put aside the fact that it is not actually possible to measure the average temperature of the entire earth’s atmosphere (google it, and see how many ways you can do it), and have a look at how much the earth has warmed according to the “experts”.

The following graph shows the change in average temperature since 1880, as most believers in global warming would show you.  Ooh, looks scary. OMG! We’re all gonna die!

However, data can be displayed in different ways.  Here is the same data in a temperature scale that we are more used to, day to day.

global temp 1 scale

This doesn’t look quite so scary, now does it?

The increase is less than 1º C in 130 odd years. I cant even feel that change over a couple of minutes or seconds, let alone over a decade or longer.

You want another example of why the miniscule rise in temperature is not important enough to spend billions of our dollars on fixing?

Antartica will melt causing sea levels to rise!  OMG! We’re all gonna die, again!

Adding three or four or even more degrees to the Antarctic average temps, would do nothing to change most of the vast Antarctic environment which for ninety eight percent of the year is well below -10º C .  What difference do you think one or two degrees would make?

The vast majority of Antarctica is so cold that even if the temperature was to rise by the same amount as the Peninsula, there still wouldn’t be any melting going on at all. The average surface temperature of continental Antarctica is about -37°C.

antartic temps 2012


Unintended discovery.

The NOAA data from which I generated the graphs, I downloaded from the NOAA in July 2012.   I rechecked the data today in case it had been updated, and found it had all changed. Barely a month was the same.   I had heard that U.S. government climate data had been changed retrospectively to support AGW, but this is the first time I have actually seen it with my own eyes.  Governments re-writing history to support an agenda?  Couldn’t happen could it?

Here are both data sets.  The earlier data shows about a 0.7º C warming, while the new data (orange) appears to have has been cooled in the past and warmed in the near present, particularly since 2000. This gives a warming of nearly 1.5º C! A doubling of the original increase.

NOAA re-writes historical temperature data.

NOAA re-writes historical temperature data.