Increases per state of Australia

Increases per state of Australia

Electricity in Australia has been on the rise again this year.

My electricity bill this quarter also contained a pamphlet explaining the cost break up of our electricity bill.

It says; “Where every $100 on your electricity bill goes”

Network (poles and wires)                                                                                                    $51

Retail,  customer service and programs for energy efficiency and renewables                   $20

Wholesale electricity generation (making electricity)                                                          $20

Carbon price                                                                                                                         $ 9

Carbon Tax

My current electricity bill, which shows we used 1.412 MWh, totalled $507.36.   Therefore as per the pamphlet, the carbon tax should be about $45.66 ($9 per $100) or $36.87 if they mean before GST and service charges.   This calculates the carbon tax per MWh here in Adelaide at about $32.

My bill also states that we used 1.47 tonnes of green house gasses.  Now if we multiply that by the $23 per tonne (CT rate set by the Federal government), we should get the same number ($32).  We get close.  It actually calculates at $33.81 per Mwh.  Lets not worry too much about the slight discrepancy between the two figures, but keep theses numbers in mind.

Here is the graph of household electricity costs which is displayed on the cleanenergyfuture website.

Average cost increases according to the Federal Treasury

To get a clearer picture of the actual amounts I have duplicated the graph and included the amounts as close as my eye can tell.

Duplicated graph with actual amounts

Hmmm. Seems to be a large discrepancy here between the pamphlet and the info from cleanenergyfuture.

Is the CARBON TAX   $23 perMWh?       Or is it    $32 per MWh?

I’m confused.

I decided to check with my electricity supplier to get a more accurate account of how much carbon tax I am actually paying.    They should know, considering they have to pay the CT , so will have to factor it into each persons account.   Two weeks after emailing them a detailed request as to the actual tax I am paying, I received a letter asking me to ring them.

This was their reply:

“I am sorry I do not have access to that information. I will pass on your request to my supervisor and someone will contact you soon.”

That was on the 28th of November 2012.

No response by the 18th of December, so I sent another email.  This time a little more assertive, suggesting I am quite happy to move to another retailer if I do not get a reply within a reasonable amount of time. I gave them 1 week.

They replied rather promptly this time which was positive, however the content of the email was a little disappointing, and perhaps they should proof read their emails before sending. It does not make much grammatical sense.

It reads as follows;

Hello, thanks for your email.  Unfortunately we don’t have the exact figure for the carbon price increase as the rates were increased on 1st August 2012 however we don’t have a breakdown of what percentage was the Carbon Price increase and what percentage was the Annual price increase in South Australia.  We cannot break down the charges directly on the invoice.  Kind regards,

Hmmm, seems they are a little confused as well.  I am sure my simple brain could work out what the CT would be given the available information which they would surely have, so why is it so difficult for them to do?  I still think it is just lack of competence on their part to source the information.   If they cannot supply with the information in the new year I will start to get suspicious that something more is afoot.

My reply which I sent on the 22nd Dec 2012;

Thankyou for your prompt reply, though I still do not understand why this is so difficult a request. Your business I assume has to pay the CT to the Federal government of which I, like everyone else contributes to in their respective bills.  This I assume has to be calculated and not guessed, so I assume the calculation can be explained to me.
If by chance the increase for the CT is an arbitrary amount decided by your company, I would still like to know what that is.
If you cannot do this for me, can you tell me who can?
27/12/2012 – Still waiting.  This is becoming a saga.  I will update in 2013 when I have further info.
So I am still not entirely sure about how much carbon tax I am actually paying on my electricity bill.