IMG_0045.CR2It has been many years since we have travelled overseas. Home, family, friends and work, has kept us in Australia for the last 20 odd years.  Our choice of destination after all these years? A bit of pure indulgence we thought, would ease us in for our first O/S trip in many years.  Phuket, Thailand  is a friendly and easy place for Aussies to visit.  My wife was a little insistent (maybe more than a little)  that we go in style this trip, so it was 5 star resort living for 2 weeks plus 5 days in “KL” (as my now “sooo” well travelled wife says. Kuala Lumpur for everyone else), for some shopping.

Centara Beach Resort

Centara Beach Resort

Staying at the beautiful Centara Beach Resort at Karon, we settled in very quickly to resort living (as if it would be difficult). Wandering on the beach, lazing by one of the numerous palm ringed pools, or taking a dip, spa, or water slide at our leisure, or as many were prone to do, sit at the pool side bar for a cocktail or a beer. IMG_0625.CR2

All sorts of shapes did we see at the resort and at the beach. Some beautiful bodies, and some that were not quite as trim.  With the temperature well into the thirties and the humidity somewhere between 90 and 99%, there was quite a lot of flesh being paraded around. Especially at the pool.   Now, this is a family friendly resort, so it’s all pretty much “G” rated, although some do push the modesty boundaries, much to my visual pleasure.

Phuket shopOur first day we strolled down the beach to Karon to do a bit of shopping and have some lunch. The poky little jammed packed shops had all manner locally produced clothes, shoes, hats, handbags, watches, DVDs and all manner of souvenirs, as well as lots of “genuine” designer fakes.  D&G, Prada, Chanel, and lots more.  After exchanging my 300 Aussie dollars for just over 9,000 Thai Bart, we proceeded to browse for some bargains.  At the end of our first successful day of shopping, I have to say that our bartering probably needed some work.  All I can say for certain is that we contributed to the Phuket economy quite substantially that day!

Looks real to me.

Looks real to me.

Our bartering skills got better as each day passed and we got some unreal bargains from that day on.  Still had trouble though with the exchange rate.  Just could not get my head around the $1 Aus to 30 Thai Bart. When a trader offers you a T-shirt for 150 Bart it sounds a lot, but in Aussie is only $5.

Back at the Resort, as we did many an evening, we wandered down to the Luna Bar, for a drink and sometimes a snack before turning in for the night. The staff were wonderful. Friendly and chatty. The entertainment was pretty good too, although I am not sure who was more entertaining. The live band, or the other patrons who frequented the bar.

We had a few English families arrive in the last day or so.  One family were a little concerned about the lack of sunshine (winging actually).  It had just bucketed down (tropical style), and they were not happy about having just coming from a long wet and snowy winter in England, and had expected endless sunshine.  I really had to laugh at their dinner order, too. ” Does that pizza come with chips?” they asked.  Now before you get the idea that I am “Pommy” bashing, they were nice, and we did meet some other lovely people from Britain, France, Germany and Australia.   There were just some individuals with questionable and or, entertaining behaviours.

Mojito at Luna Bar

Mojito. Like lime cordial, but with a kick.

We had the two well “lubricated” ladies whom had been in the bar a little earlier with their husbands and the kids, but had now returned on their own ready to party!  These two did not mind at all sharing their joy with everyone else either, laughing, joking and singing. The barman even offered them some water, but do you think they were interested in that kind of beverage? I don’t think so.  

Quality Family time at a 5 star resort.

Quality Family time at a 5 star resort.

A family of four seated not far from us, were all texting on their mobile phone’s, all at the same time (see photo).  Is this what they call quality family time?  That’s a good idea.  Lets all go for a holiday half way around the world to paradise, at great expense, just so we can not talk to each other, but just text our friends back home instead!

Then we had a scrawny, angry looking “hip hop” lad with his backwards cap walking with intent, direct to the bar and  demanding immediate service before sitting at a table with what looked suspiciously like a very under age girl (we guessed about 12 or 13). This guy(kid?) was wearing a “wife beater” had tatt’s, cap on backwards, and his body language was angry and unfriendly. With his earphones in and his Ipad, of which he was singularly engrossed and totally ignoring the girl he was with, and everyone else.   It was no surprise to us, that when they were done, they just got up and were leaving the bar without concerning themselves about paying the bill.  A very astute but friendly staff member,  accosted them just before the door and asked them to sign for the drinks they had just consumed.  Thailand is a very gentle and polite society. The people are very obliging.  The arrogance and “don’t give a fuck” attitude from this guy was in such stark contrast to the friendly Thai’s, you could not help wanting to smack this kid around the head!  As my normally very forgiving wife so stated. 

Oh, we also had a couple of well rounded middle aged blokes wander in together. We debated for a moment whether they were from England or perhaps Germany, but we were in absolutely no doubt what so ever, that they were a couple. This became a little more evident as one of them appeared to have a wandering eye and it happened to be often in my direction!   


Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

Enough for now. Need to get a bit more “beach” time.  Oh that’s right I forgot. I am not in Phuket any more. Oh well, back to doing the dishes.  Stay tuned for the part two, coming soon.