IMG_1112.CR2While doing this trek in and around Mount Crawford, I couldn’t help thinking that this walk was just dead boring! Perhaps I have seen far too much of South Australia to be impressed any more, or maybe my recent trip to the tropical paradise that is Phuket has tainted my view?  The lush tropical rain forest and richly coloured flowers  are in stark contrast to South Australia’s open grassy hills with sparse scrub and lazy Gums.  It wasn’t until I reviewed the photo’s afterwards that I suddenly remembered, and recognized, the unique beauty, that is the Australian bush.

IMG_1125.CR2Now as far as comparing this walk to many others, it was not spectacular, (especially the pine forests, again) however, there were some highlights, and yes, I even found some beauty in those pine forests.

IMG_1129.CR2For example:

The spectacular sculptures that are created by the majestic old men of the Aussie landscape. Some towering above all else with rich textures and colour.  While others standing alone, with dignity and pride, in defiance of all that would devour them.

IMG_1106.CR2Even when they no longer breathe in the sunlight to give off the gas of life, they still dominate the landscape standing as grey centurian’s, or laying silently on their side, looking like ancient bone fossils from a prehistoric giant.

The only other thing dwarfing such majestic living monuments is the Australian sky.  As Bryce Courtney once said about why he moved to Australia, “it has big sky” he said.  The panoramic views of hills, clouds and clear blue sky is often stunning in Australia.  Broken only by towering trees, hills and mountains, and if your lucky, our very own giant winged raptors. The Wedge Tailed Eagle or one of it’s cousins.

IMG_1115.CR2We live in a spectacular world. Whether it is in the Australian bush, the jungles of Asia or Africa, the deserts, or the dramatic mountain ranges or vast oceans or the arctic. Each in their own way are beautiful and spectacular.  You just have to open your mind and heart to see the beauty that is all around us.

Funny how visiting a place of such incredible beauty can make you appreciate the very place that you see every day.


PS. After such serious reflection here is a funny we saw today.


and this, just before we finished the walk. Keeping in mind the day we walked was the 28th April.


Perhaps this sign should have been at the beginning of our walk!!!!! Seems we have a problem getting this right each year.

We did see a Wedgy. It was a bit far away though.