Climate model (2)I have seen sufficient evidence to say that Carbon Dioxide produced by man’s activities is not causing any detrimental effects to our planet.  Almost every living thing on our planet is made of Carbon, and everything in one way or another benefits from increased Carbon Dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. More plant growth, and all of the great consequences from there on in, up the food chain.  The world average temperature has been cooling since 1998 while C02 has been steadily increasing.  The sea’s are not rising every where on the planet, and not all places are warming in the world.  Try and explain that one!

I have also watched as our politicians and “green” business opportunists (with the aide of misguided or complicit scientists) exploit our fears and our ignorance to inflate their “saving the world” ego and to tap into our pockets, stealing our hard earned dollars (directly and indirectly through govt grants and subsidies).  The electricity costs are a very obvious result of this.

At some point one has to take a stand and say enough is enough!  

                                                “Men do bad things when good people do nothing.”

Anything that us ordinary folk can do to help spread some of the facts (intentionally kept from us) about climate change, we should do.  Support for the 50 to 1 project is one way that you can help.  

I rarely support campaigns financially, but spending a little now may save us all a huge amount later, both financially and for our communities.  I feel this investment is a worthwhile proposition.

See 50 to 1 Project for full details. Help if you can.