IMG_1458.CR2No swilling and spitting on this walk. We are drinking up the beauty of Australia’s premier wine region. The Barossa Valley.  The most difficult thing about this walk is resisting the “pop-in” to each winery we pass. It would end up being a “stagger” instead of a walk!

Coming off the edge of the Mount Lofty Ranges, the valley opened up before us quite suddenly.  The low rolling hills spread out North, South, and West of us.  Bathed in sunshine with sparse fluffy white clouds caressing the vast Australian blue sky, the spires from the various settlements peaking out from the tops of the greenery, with vinyards criss crossing almost every other space in between.

IMG_1453.CR2With names like Bethany, Basedows, and Burge, normally on the labels of some of our best wines, we see these on buildings and town and street signs, reflecting the families that have cultivated this land giving us such great pleasure year on year.  Complementing our fish and steaks, toasting our loves and our achievements, and warming our hearts and our souls.   This truly is blessed countryside.

Pretty cool I have to admit, walking amongst the vines that will produce the wines we will be drinking in a year or two or ten.

IMG_1459.CR2This was an easy walk all down hill or on the flat. The distance however, of which Grant estimated at 17 kms, ended up being a bit longer.  Tired feet resulted from a 20 kms+ walk.  It really shows when you don’t do enough training. I had only managed a single 6 km walk in the last 2 weeks, and had been incredibly lazy for the other 13 days.

Bit of an animal theme this trip. The usual cows, sheep, an Alpaca and Galah’s, but also goat, “Sylvester” and a couple of dragons (see photo’s).  Then there was the all the runners in the Barossa half marathon.  Our start was a bit delayed due to detours around the runners.  I suggested to Grant that we could join in, but he was not too keen, although after seeing some of the fine lycra clad ladies, he was tempted to change his mind!

In Short:

Distance: 21.35 kms

Time : 3 hours 53 minutes (including 36 minutes of breaks)

Walking Speed : 5.5 kph

Terrain : Well grade unsealed roads, sealed roads and one paddock. All down hill and mostly flat.

Best Parts : The view heading down the hill and scouting wineries for a later visitations. Oh, and having a very civilised coffee break in Tanunda.


More Photo’s




Never seen an historic goat before



Native Australian flower. Anyone know what this is?


The coffee cup that travelled with me since Tununda.





Is this a Furphy? Or am I just telling a fib?