Climate models Roy Spencer June 2013See it for yourselves. The climate models and reality. The climate models are the reason why we apparently “have” to pay the carbon tax, fund desal plants, subsidise solar panel owners, fund pointless research projects and climate education programs, and endure a near doubling of our electricity bills in the last 7 years.  Did I mention Wind Farms? See this for some interesting reading.  The climate models are used as the reason why our governments need to waste billions of dollars on carbon mitigation and energy policies, resulting in extra costs born by us, and wastage in pointless research, for absolutely no benefit.

The eminent NASA scientist, Dr Roy Spencer shows the climate models do not match reality.  They are wrong!  The graph clearly shows a divergence of the models away from the measured atmospheric temperatures. 

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) means, warming the earth’s atmosphere through human practices, primarily from the emission of Carbon Dioxide. The most recent term, Climate Change is now just used in an attempt to fool us all.

Science used to be simple. Propose a theory, test it, compare it with reality, and let the results either disprove it, or support it.  When real world results started to disprove AGW, they just changed the theory from Global Warming to Climate Change, while still retaining the “catastrophic” meme of global warming.

What you can do.

Contact your state and federal representative and voice your opposition to any policy supporting carbon taxes, carbon mitigation schemes, “green” energy subsidies, any other scheme or policy built on the Climate Change premise, and financial support for the UN IPCC.

Only through our collective voices will good sense prevail.  I would love to see us all deal with real problems in the world instead of imaginary ones, and look forward to living positively in this wonderful world.