IMG_1575.CR2I have suddenly realised just how small the Barossa Valley is. Two walks, and we are done with the Valley.  Something else also occurred to me today. South Australia has awesome weather for outdoor activities.  We have the least rain of any state in Australia, so chances of sunshine on the trail  or at least fine weather, is better than even money, in spite of the fact that the walking season is mostly in winter.

IMG_1572.CR2We are still on plenty of roads this trek, with some smaller paths along vinyards, fields and creeks.  A little bit of up and down, however we were mostly walking down hill towards Kapunda. The vast Barossa vinyards were slowly giving way to open fields with recently planted crops after some much needed rains last week.

IMG_1680The sleepy little town of Greenock where less than a thousand people live, has a great little country Tavern. Had dinner there a few years ago. A very nice country pub I have to say.  Food was good too. The  post office which is adjacent the Tavern must really care about the letters than come into their care also. With winter coming along, they seem to think it important to keep the the local’s letters toasty warm, or maybe the local “knitter” is running out of teapots to make tea cosy’s for!

IMG_1626We wandered over well smoothed rolling hills, all green and brown. A cool morning it was at about 12°, with a chilly head wind initially as we headed out of Greenock.  Sky was cloudy, although the blue beckoned off in the distance.  The day eventually warmed a little, the wind dropped and the blue sky occasionally broke through the persistent clouds.

Since we have been using our phone app, Runtastic, we have been a little competitive with our speed. This walk being not too hilly we cranked up the pace and hit a PB.  This I feel, however will be the fastest we ever go, as many of the upcoming walks have a few more hills, as well as the fact that to go any faster we would probably have to start jogging, and that is definitely not going to happen.

Hmmmm. Yummy food

Hmmmm. Yummy food

Only saw one Kanga off in the distance in one field today. With all the rain they tend to scatter far and wide. Plenty of sheep and lambs however, and some that look particularly young. I thought they were only born in spring.  It would appear, that here in South Oz they are born earlier in the year.

Fascinating to see how the creeks cut deep into the otherwise smooth rounded landscape.  One being used as a car graveyard too.   A bit a rise heading into Kapunda,  past the Rifle club and old Copper Mine.  Plenty of history here in Kapunda. The mine featured strongly in the success of South Australia in the 1800’s.

In Short:

Distance : 17.8 kms

Speed : 5.85 kph

Time : 3 hrs 2 minutes and 23 seconds walking, with a 17 minute break. 3 hrs 20 mins in total.

Terrain : Gentle slopes amongst rolling hills. Roads and good tracks with some fields.

Best Part : The Kapunda Bakery

More photo’s

Endless vines

Endless vines



Holden Graveyard





Map Kernow



Always a great sight. Blue comfort.