Tom Piotrowski 2012“Tom’s beard has grown four tenths of one percent today as the markets rose to a 6 month high.” That’s the sort of thing I would like to hear on the Comsec report each evening.

It has been nearly a year since Tom Piotowski first appeared with a beard, and lips have been tight about the reason.  Well, after some exhaustive research, we may have uncovered the cause of the face fuzz.

Rumour has it (from my hairdresser, and she should know) that one of Tom’s old Uni mates has been experimenting with a new hair growth excelerator, and Tom had a bit of an accident in the lab.  Apparently it wears off after about a year.  So we can expect the long hair and beard to persist for a little longer.

Makes perfect sense, really. You believe me, don’t you?

Or, it could be as my learned wife says. “Its all about testosterone” as she says, “you know, it’s his plumage! His man’s stiffy.”  It may well be Tom’s expression of his masculinity. Shedding off that boyish charm for a more organic “manly” look.   She may well be right. My good lady tends to be right about most things about people’s behaviour, and, it will be a cold day in hell before I will ever admit that she may be wrong.  (I actually do have some intelligence, but not a lot of courage).

If you have a better explanation to the reason for Tom’s , then please offer your version.