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Latest update of sea levels around Tuvalu. We now have the full 2012 results showing no sea level rise over the full year.  So now, not only has there been no sea level rise in the last 13 years, but there has been an actual decline of 2mm per year for the last 7 years (Jan 2006 to Dec 2012). Perhaps even it’s just land or water use changes causing the “apparent” rise in sea level. Tuvalu sea level 2000 to Dec 2012 Tuvalu sea level 2006 to 2012 Source Data Tuvalu is situated in the western Pacific, close to the equator.  The sea level tends to wax and wane depending on (but not limited to) such influences like the moon, the wind, ocean currents, local land subsidence, and ocean temperature. During El Nino years, the sea level tends to drop dramatically around Tuvalu, as was evident in 1998 and again in 2010.  Of course the ocean can fall vast amounts during world glaciation and rise during interglacials as it has presently. Supposedly, the sea level is continually rising due the warming of the planet from our carbon dioxide emissions.   Seems the ocean doesn’t appear to understand this concept very well. JTF