CaptureThis week I will be travelling to a country I have never been to, with a bunch of people I have never met, attempting to speak a language I have never spoken, to give the gift of sight to many in need. Totally Awesome!

A close friend of mine used to say (and probably still does), “do what you fear most” as his best attempt at personal philosophy.  Not sure if this is what I fear most, but it does qualify as an “unknown” carrying a certain element of apprehension (or fear). So off I go flying into the blue yonda farther north than I have ever been before.

OneSight has given me the opportunity to join a team of volunteers going to China.   We will be checking the eye health and vision requirements of 3,500 locals who do not have good access to vision care and spectacles.

I have been working in the vision industry in various capacities, for more years that I care to mention (3 decades?), and have travelled an interesting journey working in 4 states and one territory in Australia, personally helping thousands to see, and to look pretty good too, in spite of the fact that wearing specs used to be a fashion faux pas. Even more so I have (hopefully) coached and inspired many others to do the same.

Anyway, this is just one of the ways I can give back to my extended community.  Just a little thankyou for existing in this wonderful world and in this fantastic time and space. Thankyou OneSight for the work that you do. I am proud to be associated with this great organisation.  If anyone wants to help out or get involved with Onesight (particularly in Adelaide), drop me a note, or get in touch with Onesight through the Website.


Ps. A little known fact is that the most common form of blindness in the world is just a lack of glasses. So I hope to help fix this. Simple really. Most things usually are.