BreathingFunny what you come across on a climate blog. WUWT is the world’s most visited climate blog on global warming and climate change, dealing with science type stuff focussed mostly around weather and climate. One would not consider getting exercise tips from a site like this, but things in life often surprise.

I went for a run tonight. This was my first in two months, and thinking that my cardio would be as weak as a worm at a cock fight. My run cut short, with me gasping for air as I collapse in a heap somewhere on a lonely road, I suddenly remembered a bit of advice I read about breathing during exercise.

Mostly when we exercise and become a little stressed, we tend to suck in air faster in attempt to get more oxygen into our lungs and eventually our muscles. However, it would appear doing the opposite actually achieves a far better result. Ie breathing out more rather than trying to suck in more. To me this sounded counter-intuitive, but after trying this tonight, surprise, surprise, it actually worked.  Who would have thought? Maybe this is a well known fact and I am just a dumb bunny, but I am sure I would have remembered a little gem like this.

The theory goes like this.  If you don’t expel all of the carbon dioxide from your lungs, there is less room for inhaling oxygen and you also “rebeath” the C02 still in your lungs, so by fully exhaling all of the C02 from you lungs, there is room for more oxygen to be inhaled and absorbed.  More oxygen equals more endurance.  Simple, and it actually worked. 5k run and not out of breath at the end. Oh, too cool.

See “Catching my breath” for the full story from Willis Eschenbach