I made my very own climate hockey stick.

I am an aspiring climate scientist, and as such I thought I might learn from the most famous climate scientist in the world.  Michael Mann. Professor Mann’s methodology seemed pretty straight forward. Take tree ring data as a proxy for temperatures over thousands of years and add the measured temperatures on to the end. Simple!

It just so happens some very nice people here in Australia did a tree ring temperature reconstruction that I could use.  Awesome!

Some Huon Pine trees from Mount Read in Tasmania were used for the tree ring data. Mount Read also has a weather recording station so the data should match up pretty well.

So here it is, but it looks a little different from Professor Mann’s graph. Did I do something wrong?



Tasmanian Temperature Reconstruction

/Sarc off


Please note:  All data is real (except for the years 1992 to 1996. No data available, so just joined the “dots”). Months used were November to April. “The warm months”.

Tasmanian Temperature Reconstruction, 1600BC to 1991 AD.  Cook E.R., D’Arrigo R.D., Buckley B.M., and Peterson M.J.



Temperature data Mount Read 1997 to 2011 – Bom