50s specsTime to bust an old wives tale, or should that be, an old Opticians tale?

Many of my colleagues in the Optical industry tell me that wearing your specs on top of your head stretches them. Well I am here to tell you that this is absolute bollocks!

Optical Fallacy #1.

“Your glasses will stretch if you wear them on top of your head.”

Most people’s heads are actually the same width from above the ears and further up.  If any individual  has a wider head above their ears it is minimal.

Now ultimately, the best place for your specs when not on your face, is in your case, however there are far worse places to store your glasses (than on your head) when not in use.  For example on the bed side table where the dog can get to them and chew them into oblivion ( had one customer whose dog actually swallowed a lens),  or in your top pocket or hooked in your shirt. Both of these situations can result in damage, either falling out (usually face down on the bitumen or gravel), or being crushed by an over affectionate friend (bear hugs and kisses). Even worse, I have had customers put them in their pants pockets, bending them almost in half when sitting down, or scratching the lenses with their keys which happen to occupy the same space. Then there is ladies hand bags. Now I have to say that most of my customers are sensible, however, when they fess up that they just put their eye-wear in the handbag (with no case) with their keys, and other paraphernalia bouncing around, again scratching their lenses, you just have to wonder what they were thinking!

So the next time an Optician tells you “Dont put them on your head because you will stretch them”, I challenge you to ask the question, “is my head any wider near the top of my head than at my ears?”.  I’d love to see their reaction.


Seeing the world as it truly is.