IMG_4341No, not real Alligators, just the road into Alligator Gorge.  A little known South Australian gem hidden away in the Southern Flinders Ranges (See future post).  A relatively easy walk today. 15 kms from the gorge road through to Horrocks Pass. The road is sealed into the gorge so no drama’s with any wet weather.

As we are well into the Southern Flinders Ranges, the hills are getting a little more challenging as was evident on our last walk. Today was no different. The upside of course, is the great variety in greenery and the views from the hill tops. There were some classic Aussie bush settings for a walk or a picnic on the way, although quite a trek to get to some of them.

Saw some Emu’s on the way in. They always look so dorky. Real nerds of the animal kingdom. Plenty of IMG_4340Kanga’s too. These last four days I would say I have seen 100+ Kanga’s. No risk of these buggers going extinct.

They were not the only animalia I saw on this trip. I stopped to check out a couple of foxes running across the road, and just as I was returning to my car, I spotted something else aside the road. In the middle of nowhere was a cute little kitty cat. Not a feral, but clearly a long way from home.

IMG_4294This particular week, we had very sad news as everyone in S.A. knows. The pain and shock was felt far and wide, and as the adjacent photo shows, it was felt up here too. RIP Phil.

This walk was challenging enough with the hills but an easy enough 15 kms.  Now, if the 15 kms is not enough for you, there are two other highlights near this walk. Alligator Gorge and Hancocks Lookout.  Check out these two if you have the time. Hancock’s Lookout is a great spot to be at around sunset, with views of the top of the gulf, and Alligator Gorge is just “gorgeous”.  Definitely worth the short walk down the steep steps.

A good friend of mine who lives in Wilmington, promised I would see a white kangaroo in Horrock’s Pass this trip. Four times I visited the Pass over four days with no white kangaroo to be seen. Now she has a photo of the said kangaroo, but I am now starting to question the veracity of her claim. I will return in the near future to attempt to track down the “Ghost Kanga of Horrock’s Pass”. Stay tuned.

In Short :

Alligator Gorge Road to Horrocks Pass

Distance : 15 kms

Duration : 3 hours

Pace : 5 kph

More visions along the way….





A giant fossilized duck head?


Great morning for a walk.



Horrock’s Pass. Is that where I left my beer?



View from Hancocks Lookout.