IMG_4545Heading up the hill shortly after midday, the clear blue sky and sunshine belied the chill in the air, as is often the case during winter in the Flinders.  However, by the time we reached the top of the ridge we were sufficiently warm in spite of that Antarctic chill in the wind.

Leaving Horrock’s Pass without suffering the same fate as poor old Horrock, we trudged on, passed Blackboys and taking in the panorama’s once atop of the hill.  Suddenly a large bird of prey glided silently in front us barely 3 metres above.

IMG_4551What a treat first thing in the morning. Even better.  I believe it is the same type of Kite I had been trying to identify from our Burra walk. Clearly not bothered by our presence, it floated lightly on the breeze long enough for me to snap a few photos.

This walk takes us over rolling hills on the eastern side of the slightly more dramatic western ridge. Gave us great views all afternoon. Mount Remarkable dominated our southern view with Wilmington in the foreground.  Willochra Plain stretching out to the east and that dramatic ridge line to the West. IMG_4603 I found a pretty cool fossilized sea bed with some unusual additions. Love to know what they are. fossilised worms, or sea grass, maybe?

Our end point was always going to be a bit interesting, considering the acute lack of road access to the trail along this section.  I did find a public access road which would take us to the trail, however, it is a road in name only, and I am not entirely sure it is all public access.  Anyway, we did traverse it’s bumpy and slippery way to the top of the ridge adjacent the trail. IMG_4578 Just a smidge under 5 kms of country track in my less than “off road worthy” vehicle, was interesting to say the least.  We made it though, in spite of the various obstacles including a rocky outcrop and barbed wire on the track.

Lots of Kangaroos and Euros again this walk, but not much else in the way of “visible” wildlife (except for the Kite).  Beautiful scenery though. Very typical Aussie bush. Very Heysen.

In Short

Horrocks Pass to top of Homestead Road (track?).

Distance : 13.8 kms

Duration : 2 hours 46 minutes

Pace : 5 kph

Ups and Downs : Gain = 568 mtrs. Loss 391 mtrs

Terrain : Rolling grassy hills.

And the rest…..