IMG_4844Frosty windscreen greeted me this morning .  My wispy breath swirling into the chilled air around my face.  The sun rays fighting hard, but clearly loosing the battle against the Antarctic air.  It will not warm until well into the afternoon on this day.

We start this walk with a hill (once again). A nice easy (huh?) 200 mtrs up to the top of the ridge adjacent Pichi Richi railway.  Great views of the pass and the railway. Pity the train is not running today. IMG_4824 Yesterday we could hear the train whistle from Mount Brown, but we were clearly not quick enough to catch a glimpse.

Lots of rocks again, with some pretty pink granite to stumble over. Funny how the mountainous hills are made of rock. Who woulda thought?  The Heysen posts are a little sparse on this ridge, especially as you descend back to the pass, as is the  so called “track”. So a map and or GPS is essential (as it should be) on this section.  IMG_4836You get a great view of Devils Peak, which we pondered about climbing.  Go up the west face? Or the overhang east face?  May have to buy some ropes and pitons I think.

Anyway, back to reality. We have another 10 K to walk  After a short break overlooking Pichi Richi Park, we headed off steadily down the ridge to the railway. We walked the train tracks for a while adjacent the trail.  Memories suddenly flood back from my childhood.  Walking the tracks with the “gang”, over bridges and through tunnels. Very much like Stand By Me the movie.IMG_4807  Even the old habits came back. Looking over my shoulder every so often for that sneaky train creeping up behind, and checking for vibrations on the rail. Hmmm. Might do a post about that later.

More Roos bounding in the bush along the ridge, and petite wildflowers rich in colour contrasted against the harshness of the ever present roseate stone. Perfection aside perfection.



Once off the tracks, we walked the dirt road through farming country, along with sheep, and an elusive bull camel, before we came across what I believe maybe the smallest new house I have ever seen.

We stopped just outside of Qourn on Altman Rd, just over the train tracks. No need to return to Quorn as we enjoyed it’s flavour over the previous two nights. Have to say that the Roo cutlets with quandong sauce was absolutely “magnifico”, or should I say “grouse”.  Tender and tasty and accompanied by a welcome glass of SA red.  Cheers to the Austral pub. Well done (praise to the chef, not how it was cooked, btw).

In Short

Woolshed Flat to Altman Rd Quorn

Distance : 14.54 kms

Duration : 3 hours 13 minutes

Pace : 4.5 kph

Ups and Downs : Gain – 565 mtrs. Loss – 303 mtrs

And…..the rest.











For all you heritage buffs. What’s this again?