Block Nine Road, heading north.

A lovely little stroll today.  Well, compared to our last walk, anyway.  From the blackened trees in Wirrabara Forest, to walking the limestone roads and walking tracks among fields of green, and fields of gold.  No challenging hills or valleys today.  Just the pungent smell hanging thick in the air, offending our nostrils as we drew in each breath. The Canola, is now in full bloom, and well contrasted against the dark green grain crops still to reach their peak before turning a paler shade.

IMG_4904The green fields stretch as far as the eye can see, splashed occasionally with the brilliant Canola gold. Rains have been sufficient this year, but the farmers in their ever hopeful state, want just that little bit more. ” Could do with another 100 mil, I reckon. That would just about do it”, a well weathered farmer once told me.  It’s just so nice to see the mid north so green and lush north of the Goyder Line.

We set a cracking pace today with few hills to impede our rhythm.  Our walk only briefly upset by a toiletry accident.  Gotta remember to re-stock my bag with loo paper, or as Grant suggested (due to my age perhaps), What about some “Depend”. Thanks Grant, but you are older than me remember. IMG_5077 The rest of the walk was completed “going commando”. Very fresh and breezy in this cool air, I have to say.

After our walk we stopped at the Wirrabara pub on the way back to pick up a six pack of beer, and on entering the front bar, I nodded to the usual Ausie characters sitting at the bar with their beers. I glanced up to the TV to see what “sport” or news they were watching, and to my surprise, there was no footy, no cricket, not even any soccer! It took me a moment to realise what was on this late Friday afternoon. It was just way too much out of place here. It is more at home in the suburban lounge, as my very good wife (when home) would do, regularly settling in at 4:30 to watch.   The BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL!  Wow!  Couldn’t let this go without comment.  “So this is what you boys watch of a Friday afternoon at the pub! Well.  One guy choked on his beer, another pretended he didn’t know what it was, and the guy closest to me yelled at the Publican, “turn it over, turn it over”. With that done, I just left, chuckling to my self, and wondering what conversation ensued.  “Who is next in line to fall in love with Brooke? And what evil plan is Bill up to now?”

We stayed in Laura this trip. Plenty of accommodation here including B&B’s, and the pub.  Great little café for lunch or dinner, of which we did frequent on a couple of occasions.  Cornish pasty for morning tea set me up for a great walk this day.  Some interesting artwork on display in the main street as well.

In Short

Walk : Block Nine Road Wirrabara Forest, to 3 kms north of Murraytown (dirt rd opposite sign “Remarkable View Wines)

Distance : 18.8 kms

Duration : 3 hours 4 minutes (walk time)

Pace : 6 kph

Ups and Downs : Gain = 168 metres. Loss = 287 metres.

And the rest…..





Memories of Murphytown?




Very civilized way to finish up after walking the Heysen