DSCF0338From Kookaburra’s to Koala’s, to Christmas beetles and spiders. Even the occasional Brown snake. We only have to walk out our back door to see nature at it’s best.  Quite an ecosystem in my back yard.

We have a “camera shy” Blue Tongue lizard. Dozens of skinks, “FluffyBum” the Koala, who visits regularly, and all manner of parrots, Galah’s, Yellow Tailed Black, and Sulphur Crested White, Cockatoo’s, as well as our resident New Holland Honey Eaters. Inspite of the fact IMG_1341-001that Pancakes, (our feline family member) is an excellent hunter, their numbers have quadrupled in the last five years. Then there is the myriad of insects and spiders, both small and large. It’s a “veritable jungle” out there! Welcome to my back yard.

Take a walk in my yard, the plants you all see, but on closer inspection, there’s a world just beneath.  Animals you’ll see and insects abound.  Entomophibic I’m not , IMG_1274with these crawly’s around.  Red Back’s and Orb’s, Centapede’s with their legs. How do they all fit, is the question that begs.  Sparrows and magpies, black Birds and the Crows. And a myriad of others I am still yet to know. Kookaburra’s that cackle in the morning and night, with the spidey’s building webs for a juicy fresh bite.  Three types of ants from what I can see, Jump’ers, Inch’ers and the millions that climb trees. Bees and the beetles, giant moths and flutterby’s, all flitting and buzzing with hundreds of eyes. IMG_9335 The Mozzies, the worst though, even worse than the flys. Mostly at night, but do attack in the light.

A Red Back or two underneath the the settee. It’s good that they’re timid, and afraid of you ‘n’ me.  The Gecko’s are cute with there friendly big eyes. But they’re not so friendly to the bugs and the flys.

Anthropods, the large and the small, crawling their way across the ground and up walls. Brown snakes abound, according my wife. But the only three times, surely, cannot be called rife.

So instead of an Attenborough viewed on TV, stroll in my garden, and the wildlife you’ll see. No Bell Amie’s or Nutkins are of need on this block.  Not even an Irwin to poke and to prod.  A cold beer you may get when you visit our patch, to accent your visit to our very Aussie Batch.