IMG_1011.CR2Looking back on my previous blogs, I seemed to have lost a day’s trek. My Inman valley to Myponga trail is nowhere to be seen. Maybe it never existed!  Although I am sure we actually walked it. Anyway off to my photo folders to find the “evidence”.

Sure enough, there they were, exactly where they were supposed to be. What the hell was I doing after that walk that distracted me so easily, that I would completely forget to write it up? Must have been good whatever it was. The previous walk to Inman Valley was only published on Nov 19( month+ after the walk), so clearly I must have been busy with other “stuff”.


The road leading out of Inman Valley


The missed trail marker.

It was the last  trek for 2011, and it was (according to my photo info) walked on the 30th of October.  Anyway, from what I remember, it was a warm day with a bit of sunshine. We had a few hills to climb, walking on roads, through fields and a couple of trails. I do remember we were in deep conversation on one road and missed the trail marker totally. No blaming a hidden or not well placed marker on this occasion. In plain site it was, as I realised when we got back to it.  So we walked an extra couple of K’s this day. Grant was not happy cursing and spluttering. It would not be our worst mistake though, as we would find out later.

Grant, once again tried to step on stumpy’s. He is certainly making a habit of it. Just like having lizard magnets on the soles of his boots.

While taking a break in the bush, a very surprised kanga stumbled across us, stopping dead in his tracks. Stopped just long enough to snap his photo too.

IMG_0998.CR2-KangarooSaw a grey/purplish cow as well. Did not know they came in that colour.

We walked on past the End to End Point at Myponga, and half  a K up the hill to the end of the dirt road near. this will give us a good start point for next year heading into Yulte conservation Park,

So there it is. The lost is now found and the trail record now a little more complete.

Funny how you cannot see what is not there

In Short :

Inman Valley to Myponga

Distance : 17.5 kms

Duration : 5 hours?

And the rest….





A grey cow?

A grey cow?




Grant’s friends