Light bulb$We have been done over by our federal representatives (don’t laugh too loud) once again. Australians voted Labor out because of the Carbon Tax(among other things), and now it appears Turnbull’s Libs are about to sneak in an ETS (Carbon Tax) through the back door.

Get ready. The legislation was done on the last day Parliament sat in December. The Coalition government knew it would be popular with the voters who all want “carbon action” so they… buried the news. No cheering. No speeches.

It apparently starts on July 1, and applies to 150 companies — about half our emissions. It’s a Cap N Trade system with “Caps” that can be screwed gently down as the climate warms to fill government coffers and raise electricity prices.  The Direct Action plan auctions can be phased out and the SneakTax phased in. It could end up being the main game. A blank cheque.”

Jo Nova has the whole story. Secret deal: Australia already has an ETS – carbon tax – starts in 5 weeks

Here is what happened to electricity prices in Australia from 1955 to 1994 when Australia prospered.

elictricity prices history

Here is what happened in the 90’s after Hawke/Keating encouraged energy privatisation to “improve competition and make energy cheaper”(I kid you not).

electricity price rises Aus 81 to 2011

Nations prosper with affordable energy. Without it, they don’t.

Who the “F&%#k” do we vote for now?