Goolwa 2012 Matt2Not only are South Australians to put up with the lights going our regularly, but when the lights are on, we are to pay through the nose for it.

Businesses and Industries are shutting down or moving out because costs are too high making them unprofitable. Energy debt is on the rise, and is a contributing factor in homelessness, either from loss of employment and or inability to pay energy bills.

How is South Australia supposed to be be economically viable with energy costs like this?

electricity costs aus 2017

The private ownership of our electricity operations and the “green dream” of inefficient and unreliable wind mills and solar panels is destroying our industries. Erasing our jobs, and eroding our standard of living. Won’t be long before we are living in the new “Dark Ages”.

Here’s an idea.  Why not match our energy production methods with the two biggest industrial countries in the world.

China energy IER

China energy mix AEM

us energy mix

Both nations use more coal, gas and nuclear.   The contribution of wind to their grids is less than 10%, while ours is over 30%.

Why not ask your local MP why we have to pay so much for our electricity, contributing to our businesses and industries shutting down.

If you don’t want to be like my friend above living in the dark ages, then maybe you should ask your state MP what they plan to do about it.