IMG_0585ARENA ( Australian Renewable Energy Agency) is a federal agency set up in 2011 to promote and fund renewable energy innovation and projects.

Two Billion Dollars of our hard earned money subsidising an already well subsidised (inefficient/unreliable) section of the energy sector through REC’s etc.

They started to appear in my FB feed in the last few weeks. Sponsored Advertisements it appears. So, not only are our tax dollars being wasted on renewable energy production that still need fossil fuelled back up generators to maintain supply, but we are also paying for the privilege of having it shoved in our faces weekly as well.

Not to mention those commenting who clearly have not done their homework regarding energy density and power density, production costs, distribution infrastructure, capacity factors, energy history, frequency regulation, synchronous generation, and the inequity in subsidies for fuel sources.  Then of course there are those who are either paid shrills or so blinded by their own narrow minded ideology they cannot logically reason for them selves. Only parroting the “save the world” green mantra and quoting anything and “everything” that appears to support their position, irrespective of the validity of the information. Ps most of the information comes from businesses or organisations that benefit from renewables.

One example of ARENA funding

For those people who are blinded by “green” rhetoric, or simply have just not done their homework, here are just a few links to help with your education.

Cost comparison by fuel type.

Comparing all of the aspects of fuel type.

Return on investment.

Energy density and power density.

With less synchronous generation we need more infrastructure and management.


Happy reading.

Also. For those that think the world is going to be destroyed by C02 induced Global Warming/Climate Change etc. you need to do some serious critical research into the lack of real evidence, and the misrepresentations of data. Start here, then here, and then maybe here.  If that is not enough, I also suggest here, and here.