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Just when you thought the Australian Federal Politicians couldn’t get any worse. Well, they are about to.

Economist John Adams And Analyst Martin North look more deeply into the connection between the attempt to limit cash transactions and the imposition of negative interest rates. Despite what the MSM are saying there is a direct connection. In fact negative interest rates cannot work as planned if cash is freely in circulation. We cite the links and describe the impact. The deadline for submissions to stop the cash ban is 12 August 2019. Make your views know to our “elected representatives.” Email: with the subject line: Submission: Exposure Draft—Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019 As we discussed before, the real agenda is all about negative interest rates and extreme monetary policy, as prescribed by the IMF. This represents a significant curtailment of civil liberties, and more. We have just a few more days to respond.

I concur with Martin and John that we should all write our federal member to express opposition to this Bill.

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If you have any problems understanding what John and Martin are talking about, I am happy to answer any questions (as best I can). Or just ask them directly at their respective sites.

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This climate scientist has the experience and the authority to explain what CO2 does, and does not do. As well as a few other interesting goings on.