Welcome to Eyes on Browne.   Vision is one of the most fascinating things we can have. Be it with our eyes, with all the colour, shape and movement, to what we can imagine and envisage with our minds. The “image” we create of ourselves and others is not only a function of the eye, but also a function of our brain and our mind.  Our insight into ourselves and humanity is still not well understood by the vast majority. Some would suggest not by anybody. Then of course we have the world and the Universe. We see all of these things in this world, but do we really “see” what everything really is?

“We are the a conscious part of the Universe looking back at itself”    

The quest to “see”, to understand all that we are. All that we are capable of, is truly fascinating, and  as history has shown, quite terrifying at times.  I hope to explore, discuss and share that which is mostly “unseen” by the majority, as well as that which remains elusive to the brightest of minds. Those theories and ideas that are yet to be proven, but appear to be based on logic and empirical evidence.

Vision is my vocation, but more so it is the “insight” into us that fascinates me.

I have been involved in the Optical industry for 30 + years. I have an inquisitive mind, and love to know and understand how and why things work. The natural world as well as ourselves.  I believe in humanity and our capacity to be great, and to survive anything the rest of the Universe can throw at us. I also believe we should question the path we are on socially, environmentally, and politically often, to ensure our path through history is continued for the duration.  History has shown the things that do not work in our favour.  An extensive knowledge of history gives us a better foundation for not making the same mistakes as our forebears.