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This is what environmentalist’s should be advocating.

Australia has vast reserves of Uranium.  It makes sense to use it. We will not be the lucky country for very long with while continuing to install costly unreliable wind and solar.



earth day 2018It’s now the 48th anniversary of Earth Day, and a good time to ask the question. How accurate were the predictions made around the time of the first Earth Day in 1970? The answer: “The prophets of doom were not simply wrong, but spectacularly wrong,” According to Ronald Bailey (award-winning science correspondent) in the May 2000 issue of Reason Magazine .

Full article at WUWT.

Is it any coincidence that Earth day is the 22nd of April?  Just by chance it happens to also be Lenin’s birthday.

lenin bd


Casting shadows in the sky.

Bizarre cloud over Perth November 2017.

Saw this on a recent trip to Perth (Australia). We had just arrived back to our accommodation when we noticed this bizarre cloud formation.  To me it looks like a shadow on the cloud, but a shadow being cast up?????  Comments about this are most welcome.



Close up:




See what happens when the mind of a liberal suddenly realises the truth.


Light bulb$We have been done over by our federal representatives (don’t laugh too loud) once again. Australians voted Labor out because of the Carbon Tax(among other things), and now it appears Turnbull’s Libs are about to sneak in an ETS (Carbon Tax) through the back door.

Get ready. The legislation was done on the last day Parliament sat in December. The Coalition government knew it would be popular with the voters who all want “carbon action” so they… buried the news. No cheering. No speeches.

It apparently starts on July 1, and applies to 150 companies — about half our emissions. It’s a Cap N Trade system with “Caps” that can be screwed gently down as the climate warms to fill government coffers and raise electricity prices.  The Direct Action plan auctions can be phased out and the SneakTax phased in. It could end up being the main game. A blank cheque.”

Jo Nova has the whole story. Secret deal: Australia already has an ETS – carbon tax – starts in 5 weeks

Here is what happened to electricity prices in Australia from 1955 to 1994 when Australia prospered.

elictricity prices history

Here is what happened in the 90’s after Hawke/Keating encouraged energy privatisation to “improve competition and make energy cheaper”(I kid you not).

electricity price rises Aus 81 to 2011

Nations prosper with affordable energy. Without it, they don’t.

Who the “F&%#k” do we vote for now?



While it may seem obvious that a good hike through a forest or up a mountain can cleanse your mind, body, and soul, science is now discovering that hiking can actually change your brain… for the better!


Hiking In Nature Can Stop Negative, Obsessive Thoughts



With the passing of a friend, a timely reminder to write your own story. Colin’s story was of a craftsman, loving husband and father. RIP Colin.

Long time dead

We often take the common freedoms we have for granted, and it is so lovely that we can. However things do not always stay the same, and there are some in the world that are hell bent on taking our precious freedoms away to serve their own deluded and self centred needs. The following video, although USA centric, still applies to all those living in a democracy.  Beware of those wanting to trade your freedom for safety and security, and those who use the ism’s to divide and disrupt. Our current “hate” speech laws are a prime example.

Evil can only prosper when good men do nothing.


Seems there is not much regulation regarding fireworks in Thailand. While holidaying in Phuket, we were entertained  each night to a fireworks display, until…..   Here is what happens when things do not go exactly to plan.


Colors of Afghanistan

Wonderful images from Afganistan