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Engineers could solve the problem though. JoNova has this Gem of an article.

JoNova $1400 electricity 2018

See JoNova for the full story

NEM report


Kiribati beach 2018The gloom and doom from those who oft say, we should all use less, and much more we should pay.  For the gas that is rare, .04 of the air.  It feeds all the plants, with greening enhanced, and the sea that has rose to just cover my toes.  “Is a crisis, a crime, we pay penance and time”.  I call it unfair, and call out the big scare. For there are things that are real on this earth all around, so treasure the gifts and the beauty abound.  Kiribati in the sea, still an Island here with, above the high waves, it’s sinking a myth!

I personally believe that Kiribati should be in the news and promoted for the paradise that it is.  The proud people of the Islands should not be represented as victims in this world.  Unable to look after themselves, and in need of help from “grown up nations”.

I say, support them in the right way. For those with a bit of an adventurist spirit, visit the damn place!  Fishing, surfing, and diving.  History, and some great Pacific Island culture.  Just have a look at for an overview of the Islands.

It is noted that the current Prime Minister does not appear to be so “victimised” about climate change. Especially after having a go at film maker Matthieu Rytz and his film about the so called “sinking Island” and all of the “climate refugees”.   See Radio NZ  for the full story.  Seems Matthieu was a little loose with the truth and was a little dis-respectful of the Islanders.

Ps. It also appears the film has not made much of an impact either with yawning reviews, and FB support in the “TENS” of people.

Anyway. How’s that sea level rise thing going atm?

Kiribati July 2018

It seems the rise in sea level around Kiribati is quite meaningless with a mere 66mm increase over nearly 70 years.  With an R² of 0.02 over the last 42 years, and only 0.04 over the last 60 years I would suggest this is statistically insignificant.   Less than 1mm per year over the entire record.


For more on Kiribati see Kiribati Tourism.

IMG_0585“The wind and the sun are free don’t you know!”

“If we want a clean and bright future for our kids, coal needs to go, and renewable energy is the only answer, stop thinking about money and start thinking common sense!”

Just two examples from ill informed and or delusional feel good “saviours of the world”.

So, before you go commenting on why and how we should “save the world” with renewables, you should do sufficient reading to understand at least the basic principles of the following;

Energy density, power density, electrical production costs, distribution infrastructure, capacity factors, Australian energy history, frequency regulation, synchronous generation, and energy subsidies (obvious and indirect).

A fair bit of reading, I know, but without understanding all of these things, your comment will likely come from a position of ignorance, or worse, regurgitated idealist propaganda (predominantly from the Greens/Labor). Or, from all of those lovely wholesome generous people selling the ideal of a “Carbon free world”.  “Free energy from the sun” the lovely solar people say, and it will only cost “this much”, and cost your neighbours as well. How nice.  A man will believe almost anything if his income depends on it.   So do yourself, and every one else a favour and read up before you start giving your two cents worth.

Happy reading.

Cost comparison by fuel type.

Comparing all of the aspects of fuel type.

Return on investment.

Energy density and power density.

With less synchronous generation we need more infrastructure and management.


Excerpt from above link:

State schemes

Now you will have earned the right to make an informed comment.

Also. For those that think the world is going to be destroyed by C02 induced Global Warming/Climate Change etc. you need to do some serious critical research into the lack of real evidence (and the evidence against it), and the misrepresentations of data to support those doomsayer prophecies. Start here, then here, and then maybe here.  If that is not enough, I also suggest here, and here.

Additional reading

The Shepherd Review



sceptis heart 2018

Seems C02islife has done their homework. Very nice. One comprehensive reference to refute the nonsense that is AGW/Climate Change.

$2 Billion wasted on ARENA

IMG_0585ARENA ( Australian Renewable Energy Agency) is a federal agency set up in 2011 to promote and fund renewable energy innovation and projects.

Two Billion Dollars of our hard earned money subsidising an already well subsidised (inefficient/unreliable) section of the energy sector through REC’s etc.

They started to appear in my FB feed in the last few weeks. Sponsored Advertisements it appears. So, not only are our tax dollars being wasted on renewable energy production that still need fossil fuelled back up generators to maintain supply, but we are also paying for the privilege of having it shoved in our faces weekly as well.

Not to mention those commenting who clearly have not done their homework regarding energy density and power density, production costs, distribution infrastructure, capacity factors, energy history, frequency regulation, synchronous generation, and the inequity in subsidies for fuel sources.  Then of course there are those who are either paid shrills or so blinded by their own narrow minded ideology they cannot logically reason for them selves. Only parroting the “save the world” green mantra and quoting anything and “everything” that appears to support their position, irrespective of the validity of the information. Ps most of the information comes from businesses or organisations that benefit from renewables.

One example of ARENA funding

For those people who are blinded by “green” rhetoric, or simply have just not done their homework, here are just a few links to help with your education.

Cost comparison by fuel type.

Comparing all of the aspects of fuel type.

Return on investment.

Energy density and power density.

With less synchronous generation we need more infrastructure and management.


Happy reading.

Also. For those that think the world is going to be destroyed by C02 induced Global Warming/Climate Change etc. you need to do some serious critical research into the lack of real evidence, and the misrepresentations of data. Start here, then here, and then maybe here.  If that is not enough, I also suggest here, and here.


earth day 2018It’s now the 48th anniversary of Earth Day, and a good time to ask the question. How accurate were the predictions made around the time of the first Earth Day in 1970? The answer: “The prophets of doom were not simply wrong, but spectacularly wrong,” According to Ronald Bailey (award-winning science correspondent) in the May 2000 issue of Reason Magazine .

Full article at WUWT.

Is it any coincidence that Earth day is the 22nd of April?  Just by chance it happens to also be Lenin’s birthday.

lenin bd


Kiribati beach

Another year and the lovely people of Kiribati are still keeping their heads above water. More people should visit. It looks absolute paradise.

So what has changed around Kiribati lately?

Well, they have a new President(since 2016), and he seems to be not quite so gloom and doom as the last one. They had a terrible ferry sinking a few months ago. One of their sportsmen qualified for the Olympic team in weight lifting (First one ever, whoo hoo!), and the Kiribati government are looking to fill their sports education position. Anyone interested?  They are upgrading their airports to accommodate more visitors,  and a new Bar, “The Emperor” is now open on Friday nights.  Other than that, the fishing, snorkelling, and surfing are still pretty good, and life goes on as usual in these lovely pacific Islands.

One thing that has not changed in Kiribati is the level of the sea. It oscillates a fair bit, but overall not much change.

Kiribati sea level 2017 full

The long term rate of sea level rise at Kiribati is still less than 1mm per year.

Kiribati sea level 1949 to june2017full Yr

The sea level has actually fallen since 2014 at Kiribati, and the seas have not shown any increase for over sixteen years now.

Gonna need to create a new crisis I think. This sea level thing is, dead in the water”.

Or maybe they should just promote Kiribati as the tropical paradise that it is.



IMG_9635The Flinders Ranges is a very special place.        A geological wonder on display with secrets hidden in plain sight. The mere sight of it’s majestic and proud sculptures contrasted against the vast Aussie azure, will silence the most hardened city dweller.

The backbone of the Flinders rises out of the endless flatness of the Eyre and the Willochra. Worn by the passing of time and the elements, the ranges are a mere shadow of what they once were. Even so, the dramatic remains are still impressive standing tall and proud.

IMG_9623Most however, will look but not see.   If only those would stop for a moment to marvel and wonder at how this geological masterpiece came to be.   Even some of the ancient local rock art is unknown to the more recent inhabitants. You know, the ones who have been here for the last 40,000 years or so.

Our last walk takes us to the end of the Heysen trail at Parachilna Gorge, and like all journey’s,  is looked on with great anticipation, but this one also with regret.  Regret, that by the end of the day, our many years on this journey will be finally over.

IMG_9625We kept to “business as usual” for this walk. Prepping all our gear, food and water the night before. Even so, we ended up managing to forget some things. Seems to be innately human to miss something, or perhaps I am just not quite as clever as I think I am.

The following morning we rose well rested and after a hearty bacon and eggs breakfast (Heysen Trail traditional), we set off once again to play with the Kangaroo’s and the rabbit’s.  The morning parade of Kangaroo’s was at it’s best this morning, with mobs left right and centre. Very sensible they were though, giving us room to pass with no harm.

IMG_9611Another perfect day in the Flinder’s was dawning as we neared our starting point.  The sun had breached the far off horizon while the cool breeze freshened up our early morning languor. By the time we got our selves organised the bright sun stood alone in the bright blue, “big” Australian sky.     We were now about to commence our last walk to complete the Heysen Trail. We paused for a moment to suck in the occasion, standing amidst the weathered hills and majestic mountains, as well as the old Eucalypt men of the Aussie bush. We were apparently still chilled from the early morning air it seems.

IMG_9631Wandering up the small rise on our start we checked the ruins of Aroona before heading off proper on the trail. The gentle open trail we started on is a little deceiving and is not indicative of the full walk ahead.  Although not challenging in gradient, it is quite long and very rocky in parts. The trail is also not well marked in the creek we were to walk in.

On our left, the ever commanding Heysen Range towered above us.  As if sitting on a throne watching it’s pilgrims pass by in a never ending parade of obedient subjects. We silently payed homage as we passed by.  The “junior” ABC Range on the right was still big enough to command some respect also.  We humbly walked on, in the shadow of both giants.

IMG_9639A bit up and down for the first six kms in open woodland with plenty of Pines eking out an existence in red rock of the Wilcolo sandstone.  Our trail slowly dragged us up hill 200 metres topping out at 585 mtrs above sea level.   After that it was all down hill. Almost. Good smooth track. Then rocky track. Good smooth creek, and then rocky creek.

The trail wound it’s way through the open woodland, in and out of the creeks until our final crossing of Five Mile Creek.  Leaving the creek we headed up hill to the right. The trail markers progressively becoming more sparse as we headed into the next gully.

IMG_9667The trail now basically followed Wild Dog Creek, however we were mindful that a “hard left turn” was coming up further along, and as it happened my GPS had run out of charge and guess what items I’d forgotten to bring? Yep the spare batteries. With my GPS now flat we had to re-acquaint ourselves with some old fashioned orienteering with the map.  All seemed fine for quite a while, in spite of the fact the Heysen signs had left us. We knew we would be following Wild Dog Creek for no more than about 3km’s before turning,  so when we hit the 3k mark we stopped to assess our lack of Heysen Trail signs.

IMG_9682It appeared that the hard left turn had eluded us at some point “back there”, and we were off the trail and still in the creek.  We knew pretty well where we were but had not seen any trail markers for the last kilometre or so.   A quick scan of the map and the immediate terrain gave us our likely location and off we went up the rise to the left, meeting the trail again having only missed it by a smidge.   Ps the “hard left turn was in actual fact a gentle left.  The creek turns right and the trail goes fairly straight.

IMG_9704Once over the rise and into the final gully, the last section (as always) seemed to go on for just “ever”.  “Surely this next corner/rise should reveal the end” I said many many times. Rocky creeks are always tiresome and this one was no different.  Finally seeing signs of the end(“see I told you it was around this bend”), Grant strode off confidently while I paused to take a few pictures and soak in the moment. Delaying the finality of our journey just a little while longer.

Triumphant at the end, we breached the stairs with a whoop and a yell!

Or, did we?

I’ll leave you all with three possible endings to our “most excellent” Heysen adventure.


Distance: 19 kms

Speed: 5.1 kph

Terrain: Wide track and rocky creek walking.

Altitude: 194 metres up hill, and 330 metres descending to the end.

And a few more sights……


That lovely sight of my car at the end of a walk. Always means a cold beer.




Aroona ruins






Wilcolo Sandstone



Would have loved to see the water that did this.





Token offerings for the Heysen Trail Gods?



Wild dog creek missed turn


IMG_9008“Here Comes The Sun” sang softly to me from my phone, waking me from my slumber. The night had not been restful though. Wave after wave of Flinder’s Mosquito’s dive bombed me every ten minutes or so. Just enough to disturb my attempts at sleep, and when I did manage my way to unconsciousness, I awoke soon after with throbbing bites the size of almonds.  5AM finally finished the Mozzie onslaught and I arose in a stupor, keen to take on the day. Anything to remove myself from this Mozzie nightmare.

IMG_9026With the sun yet to make an appearance, we headed off towards Brachina Gorge. Today’s walk  will be Terezona to Aroona Hut. On the road we ran the gauntlet of kangaroos and rabbits skitting across the road all the way to the trail head. The pre dawn drive was interesting with kangaroos feeding along the roadside and many sitting on the road with little intention of moving along very quickly.  Our strike rate for today would end up being “zero”. Quite amazing considering the dozen or so Roo’s every kilometre. The Heysen Range standing proud with it’s striped bands of glowing ochre in the early morning sun as we headed north to Aroona Hut.

IMG_9035Quite an easy going track in the undulating terrain amongst the native pines and the wattle, with Emu’s and Kangaroo’s a plenty. The Roo’s maybe a bit shy, but the Emu’s are still pretty dopey.

The gentle track soon challenged us a little with an increase in grade. Uphill we went, topping out at above 550 metres. With the sun’s heat now beating down on us, it got a little more challengin g. The trail down the hill was welcome, although still a little uncomfortable without the refreshing breeze at the top of the hill. Once on the access track roughly following the creek, we “roller coasted” up and down before reaching today’s destination, Aroona Hut.

After downing an icy cold beer and a snack, we chatting to some other visitors, before heading off. With this walk done we have just one more to go to finish the 1200km trail.

I have to add, that like many parts of the Flinders Ranges, Trezona has quite the geological past for those interested.

Trezona to Aroona Hut.

Distance :14.3kms.

Speed :5.2 kms.

Terrain: Open woodland. Good track, Rocky in places. Two moderate hill climbs.

Elevation: 315 up and 300 down

And……the rest