FluorideTonight , my wife asked me whether I knew about the “conspiracy theory” about fluoride in our water.  You know, how fluoride is actually poisonous waste sold to us by mining companies, and  that it is a nuerotoxin which apparently dumbs down people’s intelligence.  We chatted about the possibility of this being true but thought it unlikely given it’s broad based medical support.  I do find it odd though that Fluoride is listed as a pollutant on the NPI ( Australian Federal Government pollutants inventory list ).  Not even the dreadful carbon dioxide is on that list!

Then she immediately went on to talk about the stupidity of some people. One of her workmates who spent good money on some dodgy wrinkle cream off the tellie, and how it supposedly gets rid of all of the effects of years of ageing.  But that was not all.  She then goes on to tell me of another workmate whom bought a kitten for her kids, and they are freaked out over it attacking and biting them.  They actually jump up on the kitchen table to get away from it!  Is there anyone actually in charge of their faculties here?   I would have thought dealing with this sort of stuff would be pretty straight forward. You know how about a bit of fact checking before making decisions. It is hardly rocket science!

I started thinking about all of the stupid inane things that people do here in Australia (and around the world), including the stupid stuff that I even do, and wondered why after all these years of evolution and advancement in our education and understanding of all things, why we are still doing stupid things?  Everything from stubbing one’s toe on a piece of furniture, to marrying (sometimes quite obviously) unsuitable persons(have to add not in my case), or in the extreme, killing yourself or someone else or even going to war.  We make mistakes and poor decisions quite often as it happens, and the crime and accident statistics quite clearly show.  Probably why we need so many laws and police to save us from our dumb selves.  Obviously we are not intelligent enough to be sensible and responsible citizens.   For example over 900,00 crimes are committed in Australia each year, and more than 600,000 motor vehicle accidents occur, including 1,200 or so motor vehicle fatalities. Could this stupid stuff we do be partially blamed on Fluoride?  Possible I guess.

Fluoride or waterSo, we have a chemical compound which is listed by our government as a pollutant and is toxic to living things, intentionally put into our water supply for our own good.  Politicians doing something good for us?  Hmmmmm.

Perhaps there is some truth to this Fluoride thing after all, and our politicians have had more than there fair share!

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