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Kiribati beach 2018The gloom and doom from those who oft say, we should all use less, and much more we should pay.  For the gas that is rare, .04 of the air.  It feeds all the plants, with greening enhanced, and the sea that has rose to just cover my toes.  “Is a crisis, a crime, we pay penance and time”.  I call it unfair, and call out the big scare. For there are things that are real on this earth all around, so treasure the gifts and the beauty abound.  Kiribati in the sea, still an Island here with, above the high waves, it’s sinking a myth!

I personally believe that Kiribati should be in the news and promoted for the paradise that it is.  The proud people of the Islands should not be represented as victims in this world.  Unable to look after themselves, and in need of help from “grown up nations”.

I say, support them in the right way. For those with a bit of an adventurist spirit, visit the damn place!  Fishing, surfing, and diving.  History, and some great Pacific Island culture.  Just have a look at  Traveller.com for an overview of the Islands.

It is noted that the current Prime Minister does not appear to be so “victimised” about climate change. Especially after having a go at film maker Matthieu Rytz and his film about the so called “sinking Island” and all of the “climate refugees”.   See Radio NZ  for the full story.  Seems Matthieu was a little loose with the truth and was a little dis-respectful of the Islanders.

Ps. It also appears the film has not made much of an impact either with yawning reviews, and FB support in the “TENS” of people.

Anyway. How’s that sea level rise thing going atm?

Kiribati July 2018

It seems the rise in sea level around Kiribati is quite meaningless with a mere 66mm increase over nearly 70 years.  With an R² of 0.02 over the last 42 years, and only 0.04 over the last 60 years I would suggest this is statistically insignificant.   Less than 1mm per year over the entire record.


For more on Kiribati see Kiribati Tourism.

Kiribati beach

Another year and the lovely people of Kiribati are still keeping their heads above water. More people should visit. It looks absolute paradise.

So what has changed around Kiribati lately?

Well, they have a new President(since 2016), and he seems to be not quite so gloom and doom as the last one. They had a terrible ferry sinking a few months ago. One of their sportsmen qualified for the Olympic team in weight lifting (First one ever, whoo hoo!), and the Kiribati government are looking to fill their sports education position. Anyone interested?  They are upgrading their airports to accommodate more visitors,  and a new Bar, “The Emperor” is now open on Friday nights.  Other than that, the fishing, snorkelling, and surfing are still pretty good, and life goes on as usual in these lovely pacific Islands.

One thing that has not changed in Kiribati is the level of the sea. It oscillates a fair bit, but overall not much change.

Kiribati sea level 2017 full

The long term rate of sea level rise at Kiribati is still less than 1mm per year.

Kiribati sea level 1949 to june2017full Yr

The sea level has actually fallen since 2014 at Kiribati, and the seas have not shown any increase for over sixteen years now.

Gonna need to create a new crisis I think. This sea level thing is, dead in the water”.

Or maybe they should just promote Kiribati as the tropical paradise that it is.



Kiribati – Sinking Yet?

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, the seas around Kiribati are rising at 3.1mm per year and they expect this will continue until the end of the century. Making the total rise from 2003, to be over half a metre. Really?  The info they used is from the IPCC 2007 report which used data from 1993 to 2003 to get this projection (and it is a global projection btw). Cherry picking anyone?  Tide gauge data for Kiribati is available all the way back to 1949, and clearly contradicts the information on display from the UoCS.

Kiribati sea level 2016The combined tide gauges sea level rate around Kiribati (raw data is publically available) is 1mm per year (my calculation 1949 to 2016).

Here is what the UoCS are suggesting is going to happen, compared to the reality of the data.

Kiribati SL Actual vs Projected 2016

And they call themselves scientists.

For reference, here is the updated graph with all the individual tide gauges for Kiribati. Normalised to the Bom 1804 station.

Kiribati Spliced Sea Level 1949 to 2016