IMG_0585“The wind and the sun are free don’t you know!”

“If we want a clean and bright future for our kids, coal needs to go, and renewable energy is the only answer, stop thinking about money and start thinking common sense!”

Just two examples from ill informed and or delusional feel good “saviours of the world”.

So, before you go commenting on why and how we should “save the world” with renewables, you should do sufficient reading to understand at least the basic principles of the following;

Energy density, power density, electrical production costs, distribution infrastructure, capacity factors, Australian energy history, frequency regulation, synchronous generation, and energy subsidies (obvious and indirect).

A fair bit of reading, I know, but without understanding all of these things, your comment will likely come from a position of ignorance, or worse, regurgitated idealist propaganda (predominantly from the Greens/Labor). Or, from all of those lovely wholesome generous people selling the ideal of a “Carbon free world”.  “Free energy from the sun” the lovely solar people say, and it will only cost “this much”, and cost your neighbours as well. How nice.  A man will believe almost anything if his income depends on it.   So do yourself, and every one else a favour and read up before you start giving your two cents worth.

Happy reading.

Cost comparison by fuel type.

Comparing all of the aspects of fuel type.

Return on investment.

Energy density and power density.

With less synchronous generation we need more infrastructure and management.


Excerpt from above link:

State schemes

Now you will have earned the right to make an informed comment.

Also. For those that think the world is going to be destroyed by C02 induced Global Warming/Climate Change etc. you need to do some serious critical research into the lack of real evidence (and the evidence against it), and the misrepresentations of data to support those doomsayer prophecies. Start here, then here, and then maybe here.  If that is not enough, I also suggest here, and here.

Additional reading

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